Sunday, May 17, 2009

Richard Hoffen - Katherine Wetherill

Born abt 1690 Lambley, Nottingham, England
Note: There is a Richard Hoffen christened in 1684 in Nottingham and it is possible he is the one we are looking for, however, he would be 45 before Edward was born - there could have been other children born earlier - Edward could be their last child.
Ancestral File

Katherine Wetherill
Born abt 1700 Lambley, Nottingham, England
Note: there is a Katharine Wetherill born in 1700 in Lincoln - it would make a great age difference between the couple, but that wasn't unheard of.
Ancestral File


Born abt 1729 Lambley, Nottingham, England
Married Ann Kirk 13 May 1755 Lambley, Nottingham, England
Ancestral File

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