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John Ogden abt 1610 and Jane Bond abt 1613

This is where the information on the Ogden Family was corrupted by Gustav Anjou.

The family group sheets stated that John and Jane's family was from Bradley Plain, Hamp, England - which does not exist. The infamous genealogist forger Gustav Anjou (look him up on Wikipedia) messed with this line. I feel sorry for those who paid him so much money for lies. For now, anything to do with Bradley Plain should be viewed as a lie.
John Ogden
Born abt 1610 England
Note: page 12 in the book listed below repeats the lies that Anjou created about John's birthdate and place, it adds the matter of selling some property in Bradley Plain, etc. 
Parents:  Supposedly Richard Ogden and Elizabeth Huntington - since this information is part of the Bradley Plain information, it could be a lie.
Married Jane abt 1630 in England
Life Notes:
Nicknames:  "Good Old John" and "John Ogden the planter"
John is believed to have arrived in Southampton, Long Island, New York in 1640

Said to have been granted land 17 Apr 1640 - a piece of land called Shinnecock Hill which was part of the city of Southampton.
Note: Shinnecock Hill is about 2.3 square miles and an ancient Indian burial ground. Many court battles have been fought over its ownership. Apparently, there was a 1,000 year deal between the city of Southampton and the tribe allowing the whiteman to live there until 1803.
Lived in Stamford, Connecticut in 1641and contracted in 1642 to build a church in the Fort of New Amsterdam. 
Held the office of magistrate under Connecticut and New Haven colonies.
Made settlement of Hempstead in 1644
Moved to Southampton Long Island in 1647
Died 30 May 1682 Elizabethtown, Union, New Jersey
Note: I let this date stand although I didn't find the headstone.
Book: Halstead and Ogden Family by Elizabeth Ross King, New York, 1896, page 28-30.
Book:  Ogden Family in America (p 11-35) which claims it takes its information about John in America from Southampton Records, Stamford Notes, Fairfield Notes, Colonial Records of Connecticut, Lamb's history of New York, Hatfield's history of Elizabeth, and Archives of New Jersey
Book:  History of Long Island by Benjamin Franklin Thompson page 342 (which states he was granted land in 1644) page 343 (establishes that John was a settler in the area before 1647)
Ancestral File
Jane Bond
Note: I'm so skeptical, that I'm not even going to assume her last name is Bond so be on the look out
Born abt 1613 (probably in England)
Supposedly the daughter of Jonathan Bond (have not found proof of this)
Died New Jersey
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 35-39
Ancestral File


Note: there were too many duplications here -  two johns, two sarahs, three bens, three Marys and I doubted most of it and chose the most logical, though I may have to add one or more back on since people did reuse a name of a deceased child.

I will make note of what I think is a stretch of someones greedy imagination (take that Gustav!)

Note:  If their father actually was granted land in 1640, I find it impossible to believe he would return to England to produce more heirs and then leave them behind unless they lived with other family members.  They were probably all born in Southampton New York.
John Ogden (Jr)
Born abt 1642 Probably Stamford, Connecticut
Married Elizabeth Plum 1677
Note:  some historians claim he was married to Judith Budd - actually she married "John Ogden of Rye" a cousin to this John and the son of Thomas Ogden who settled in New Haven, Connecticut.  To make this more confusing, both John Sr. and John Ogden of Rye died the same year.
Died after 1677
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 13, 40-43
Ancestral File
*(Deacon) Jonathan Ogden (Possibly a twin to David)
Born 1646 (estimated from his headstone) Probably Hempstead
Married Rebecca Wood abt 1674
Died 3 Jan 1732 New Jersey
Buried First Presbyterian Churchyard, Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey
Ancestral File
Picture of headstone:
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 40, 45-46

David Ogden (Possibly a twin to Jonathan)
Born 1646 Probably Hempstead
Elizabeth Swaine Ward (she was married to her cousin prior to marrying David)
Died 27 Feb 1692 Newark, New Jersey
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 40, 43-45
Ancestral File
Joseph Ogden
Born abt 1648 Probably Southampton, Long Island, New York
Married Sarah Whitehead
Died 3 Jan 1732 New Jersey
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 40, 47
Ancestral File
Mary Ogden
Born abt 1650 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut
Note: interesting that the birth place is different, that's why I left it here
Married John Woodruff
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 40, 49
Ancestral File

Captain Benjamin Ogden
Born 1654 (estimated from his headstone) Probably Southampton, Long Island, New York
Married Hannah Woodruff abt 1685 (possible sister to John listed above as Mary's husband)
Died 20 Nov 1722
Buried First Presbyterian Churchyard, Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey
Book:  Ogden Family in America page 40, 47-49

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