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LDS Missionaries serving in Bangor, Maine in the 1900's

This is a side step from what I usually do on my genealogy blog, but I feel the need to get this done, so someone must be looking for one of these great men and women.

This collection came from two sources:  my mother in law (Bessie Erickson) and her sister (Valeda Stetson). The pictures were in my mother in law's things when she died back in 2009.  Yeah, it's taken me a bit longer to get around to this, mostly because I had no idea what to really do with them and couldn't throw these cool pics away!

I will add more if I find them.

If you've seen Robots (the cartoon starring the voice of Robin Williams and various other voice actors), you'll recognize the "See a need, fill a need" philosophy I felt when I considered tossing these pictures.  I've seen a lot of valuable pictures thrown away because people have no idea the thrift stores including Deseret Industries) do not have a place to put them.  One of the most horrible things I've witnesses was the days I volunteered at our local D.I. and saw several genealogy books (WITH PICTURES!) thrown out.

Many of the photos below are vintage one-of-a-kind and deserve respect.  I place them here, in the 'cyber cloud' since I will soon have to dispose of the hard copies (perhaps someone will see this and tell me what I should do with them?)

Hopefully, people will be checking for and identifying their ancestors.  I've done the best I can to find each of them on findagrave, but it isn't easy because I often don't know more than their name.  So, here goes, in first-name alphabetical order after the official picture of the formation of the mission (taken in September of 1937).

Front Row Left to right:  Kenneth Hacking, Abel S Rich, Carl F. Eyring, Fern Chipman Eyring
Second Row Left to right:  Cleon Harris, John A Widstoe, Leah Widstoe
Third Row Left to right: Lawrence Dalton, W Keith Hurren, Charles Brown, Earl Moser
Back Row Left to right:  Chest Becraft, Glen Longhurst, Darl Anderson, Glen Price

Below are individual shots I found. 

Amasa William Hyde.  
This photo is on a postcard.  It's similar to the card stock we use now for craft projects
In his own handwriting on the back, he has written:  With very best wishes from Elder Amasa Wm Hyde Preston, Idaho RD #3
I was able to paste it into his findagrave memorial.  

 Andrew Kimball
He is standing outside of the Smalls-Stetsons home.  The photo looks 1960-ish.  I'm not sure what the foggy part of the image is from - a fingerprint on a negative?  Anyway, I have not been able to find him.

Calvin Nielsen (with his signature)  I couldn't find him.  On the back is written Mendon, Utah. 

The photograph appears more 1950's style.  

Carlyle Davenport Marsden  

Written on the back is:  May the Lord bless you always!  It's been enjoyable to know you.  Elder Marsden.  He also gave his address as Parowan, Utah.

I have two of these - one with and one without his signature. 

On a personal note:  I worked with a Dr. Marsden at Weber State College and went to school with Elaine Marsden at Bonneville High School in Ogden.  

I was able to find his findagrave memorial and pasted it there.

Colleen Beus

Picture appears to be 1950's style of hair/clothes/glasses.

On the back is written:  

Dear Bro and Sis Stetson, 

It has been a pleasure knowing and associating with you folks in Bangor.  I appreciate all you've done for me.   It is people like you that make our missions so happy.  May God bless you always.  My love and best wishes, Sister Colleen Beus Hooper, Utah.  Be sure to come see me when you get out west.  Hooper is just out of Ogden.

Could not find her.

Craig S Funk

A postcard picture on card stock, it appears to be 1950-60's style (thinner lapels, Elvis hair)
On the back is written:  To the best Family in Bangor

Dear Stetsons,

I regret to leave Maine because of the blessings I have received while laboring here.  I know that folks like you have been part of these blessings.  Your brother always, Elder Funk  

Then his address:  5 mi Cheua (?) Hot Springs Rd, Fairbanks, Alaska.  School:  997 North 5th West, Provo, Utah

Could not find him.

David Jackson

I have two of these.  Both are postcards.  He wrote on the back: 

Dear Sister Stetson,
It's been a pleasure to have been in Bangor to know you  saints here.  Blessings Always,  Elder David Jackson.

Then his address:  143 North Orchard Dr.  Moses Lake, Washington

Could not find him.

Francis Brigham Taylor

There is no information on this picture except a date:  18 June 1936. Ironically, however, he is one of my relatives.  

This appears to be a reprint of a photo found elsewhere.

Goldie Danzy

Great shot. On back is written the year:  1922

Could not find her.

Harry L Phillips

Handwritten on back:  1 Jan 1964 

To Sister Stetson and Family
Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  I really love you all.  May God bless you always.  Keep up the good missionary work.  We shur love you for it and our Father in Heaven is pleased with you to.  If you ever get out west be shure and look me up ok.  
Love your brother Elder Harry L. Phillips 
121 Vernon Pl. 
Bakersfield, Calif.

Did not find him.

Jack Treasure

1950-60's style photo.

Written on the back:  Dear Bro and Sis Stetson,
I want to thank you for your efforts to help us in our work and let you know we certainly appreciated your fine spirit and Enthusiasm.  Love, Elder Treasure.

Did not find him.

Jennie Marble

On Back:  1928.  
Deweyville, Utah. 
Taken at 84th 4th Street - unclear if this is Bangor or Deweyville.

John Meacham

Postcard photo

On Back:  Dear Brother & Sister Stetson,
I did so want to see you before leaving, but I guess you are not home.  My prayers are for your success and happiness.  God bless you dear people.  Elder M.  

Address:  John A Meacham, Grace, Idaho

John Richards

On back:  1933  with my mother-in-law's name:  Bessie Small Erickson.  He must have given it to her (many missionaries did this).

Handwritten on back of postcard-type photo: 
Leland Christensen, Rexburg Idaho

Was able to find him and pasted this photo to findagrave memorial.

Mark D Weston

1950's-60's style photo

Written on back;  Elder Mark D Weston
357 Blvd. Logan, Utah

Thought I found him on findagrave, but was so unsure, I had to forget about it.

Newell K Brown

Written on back:  Newell K Brown December 1936.  I know my mother in law knew him.

Didn't find him.

Phyllis Noall

Handwritten on back:  

To the Stetsons,
May your lives be filled with much happiness and joy. May the Lord bless you, always,  
Sincerely,  Phyllis Noall 
421 Wall St. Salt Lake City, Utah

Found her memorial and pasted this picture to it.

Stephen L Baldwin 

Handwritten on back: 1963

Elder Stephen L Baldwin 
Box 287
Moreland, Idaho

Sybil Hansen

Postcard type photo

Handwritten on back:
To Valeda and Bob and Grammy with the prayers for your welfare from a loving L.M. (Lady Missionary)  
Sybil Hansen
Bangor, Maine Sept. 1942  
Home address:  Preston, Idaho

Found her memorial, pasted this picture.  Have been contacted by someone interested in obtaining the original.

Sister Tanner.

This is the only information I have to identify her.

Willard Petersen and William Welker

On back:  Elder Willard Petersen and Wm Welker

This is obviously from an earlier era - possibly 1910-20's

I couldn't find a definite record of either man on findagrave.


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