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James Grieve 1772 Janet Smith

Perhaps someone has the correct information and sources. If so, please let me know. I will post new sources and/or info when it comes.James Grieve
Christened 11 May 1772 St Cyrus, Kincardine, Scotland
Note: I did not find him on the IGI for this time period nor anywhere in IGI for Kincardine. My conclusion is that it is the wrong place.
Parents: James Grieve and Helen Grant
Married Janet Smith 9 Jul 1796 St Cyrus, Kincardine, Scotland
Marriage: IGI Film 0993325 Batch M112674 dated 1781-1826
Ancestral File

Janet Smith There are several Janet Smith's that are possibilities
Ancestral File

CHILDREN - I never found any of these children on IGI except James

Catherine Grieve
Christening 13 Sep 1798 Bervie, Kincardine, Scotland
SourcesAncestral File
*William Grieve
Born 9 Sep 1801 Milton, Kincardine, Scotland
Christening 12 Sep 1801 St Cyrus, Kincardine, Scotland
Note: I didn't find William in any of the St Cyrus Kincardine records.
Married Anne Brown 14 Jan 1826 St Cyrus, Kincardine, Scotland
Note:  they are also listed on IGI as being married in Lunan, Angus, Scotland on the same day.  This may be part of law when everyone was required to be married in Church of England if you wanted the union to be legal and then you could marry wherever you wanted - just a guess.
Children:  Elizabeth, Patrick(Peter), Jean, William, Alexander, James, Ann, Charles
SourcesMarriage:  IGI Film 0991896 Batch M113054 dated 1820-1954
Ancestral File
Helen Grieve
Christening 1802
SourceAncestral File
James Grieve
Christening 22 May 1804 Benholm, Kincardine, Scotland
Note: mother's surname on the record is Smyth
SourceIGI Film 0993309 Batch C112534 dated 1749-1820
Ancestral File
Jean Grieve
Christening 1805
SourceAncestral File
Peter Grieve
Christening 1806
SourceAncestral File

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