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William Trotter 1661-1699 Rebecca Theach 1675-1731

The Trotter family immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime before 1692.  They were part of the Quaker middle-class in Philadelphia.

William Trotter
Born April 1695 Abington, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Note: some say he was born in Elisabethtown, Union, New Jersey. His parents were married in Newbury, therefore, it is likely that this information is based on that fact.
Parents William Trotter and Cutbury Gibbs
Occupation:  Sawyer, Farmer
Married Rebecca Theach 18 Feb1693 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Owned 100 acres in White Marsh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
In 1735 Isaac Price and his wife Margaret of Plymouth sold to William Trotter 100 acres of land in that town
Died 11 Jul 1699 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Friends Burial Ground, Plymouth
The Winterthur Library The Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera Title: Papers
Dates: 1741-1815, bulk 1788-1800 Call No.: Col. 325 Location: 17 L 4
Marriage: Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol 2 (New Jersey and Pennsylvania Monthly meetings) Philadelphia monthly meeting page 670

Rebecca Theach
Born 1675 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Buried 20 Nov 1731 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Winterthur Library The Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera Title: Papers
Dates: 1741-1815, bulk 1788-1800 Call No.: Col. 325 Location: 17 L 4


William Trotter
Born Jun 1695 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Married Hanna Maurle abt 1720 Pennsylvania
Children:  Rebecca, John, Esther, Lydia, Margaret, Joseph
Occupation: Farmer (they called it husbandman) in White Marsh, Philadelphia county, Minister
Died 19 Dec 1748 Plymouth, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“William Trotter was the son of William Trotter, and was born in the neighbourhood of Abington, fourth month, 1695. His memorial says: ‘Of religious parents, and amongst Friends was educated. As he grew in years, he was blessed in that he grew in grace, and in the fear and knowledge of our blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. About the twenty-first year of his age, he received a gift in the ministry, in which he as frequently exercised during the course of his life. His ministry was sound and savoury, attended with a good degree of that life and power by which the dead are raised, and without which preaching is vain. He was not tedious or burthensome, but often very reaching and edifying to her hearers.’

“He removed to the neighbourhood of Plymouth, towards the close of 1721, taking a certificate from Abington to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting in the first month following. Here he soon became extensively useful in religious Society, and continued active and laborious for the good of others until within a short time of his death.

“His friends thus characterize him: ‘in his life and conversation he was grave, yet innocent, cheerful, and, we think, strictly just in his dealings; also a lover and promoter of peace and unity and brotherly love amongst Friends, of which he was himself a good pattern. He was generally beloved during his life, and at his death left a good savour behind him. His removal from time to a happy eternity, though certainly his great gain was a considerable loss to the meeting where he belonged. He departed this life on the 19th day of Tenth month, 1749; aged about 53 years and 6 months, and was decently interred on the 21st day of the same month, in Friends’ burying-ground at Plymouth. We believe he is gone from his laborious service, to receive an heavenly reward “where the wicked shall cease from troubling, and the weary soul shall be at rest.”’

Will: Date: 5 Feb 1748

Prove Date: 24 Feb 1749

Name: William Trotter
Residence: Plymouth, Philadelphia Co.
Description: Decedent
BookPage: J:228
Remarks: Trotter, William. Plymouth, Co. of Philadelphia. 2 mo. 5, 1748/9. Feb. 24, 1749. Wife: Hannah. Children: Rebecca, Esther, Lydia, Margaret and Joseph. Son-in-Law: William Jones. Brother-in-Law: John Jones. Freinds: Elizabeth and Catherine Ellis. Exec: Hannah and Joseph Trotter. Guardians: Joseph and John Jones.
Joseph Trotter
Born 1697 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Furniture Maker (Cutler)
Member of the Provincial Assembly
Married Dinah Shelton 25 Feb 1718 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Children: Rachel, James, Hannah,Rebecca, Mary, Elizabeth, Spencer, Nathan, William, Joseph
Died 25 Nov 1770
Mentioned in his will
TROTTER, JOSEPH. City of Phila. Cutler. May 22, 1770. December 10, 1770.
Children: Joseph, Mary, Hannah.
Son in law: David Bacon.
Daughters in law: Sarah Trotter, Margaret Trotter.
Grandchildren: Thomas and Dinah Trotter. Children of son Nathan (decd.); Joseph, Daniel, and Benjamin Trotter. Children of son William (decd.). Jeremiah and Josiah Elfreth.
Cousin: John Wood.
Execs.: James Pemberton, David Bacon.
Wit: Cha. Jervis, Jesse Lane, Paul Isaac Voto.
Codicil. August 22, 1770.
Daughter in law: Sarah Trotter. Daughters: Mary, Hannah.

*Benjamin Trotter
Born Nov 1699 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Note:  he was born three months after his father's death
Occupation: Chair maker (Sawyer)
Married: Mary (Fisher) Corker (widow of William Corker)  4 Jun 1734 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Children:  Mary
Died 16 Mar 1768 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mentioned in his will:
TROTTER, BENJAMIN. Phila. Chair maker. 2 mo. 25, 1768. 1 April 1768.
Daughter: Mary Browne.
Grandchildren: Mary, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Dinah, Joseph, Hannah and Benjamin Browne.
Execs.: cousin David Bacon and John Pemberton.
Negro: Rose.
Wit: Hannah Elfreth, Jno. Elliott, Jr. and Wm. Norton. O.220
Marriage to Mary Fisher Corker:  Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine. Volume I: Arnold-Hertzel page 563-4

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