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Judge Robert Clements 1595-1658 Lydia Drummer 1602-1658

Note: Six generations from this couple you will find Samuel Langhorn Clemens - whom the world knows as Mark Twain

Judge Robert Clements
Born 1595 Leicester, England
Parents Richard Clements and Agnes Fellows
Married Lydia Drummer 1615 England
Died 29 Sep 1658 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Online Book: History of Haverhill, Massachusetts pages 48-49
Online Book: Essex Institute Historical Collections, Vol 67, 1911, Major General A.W. Greeley, U.S. Army pg 317-332
Lydia Drummer
Born 12 Mar 1602 Ansley, Warwick, England
Parents: Robert Drummer and unknown mother
Died After 11 Oct 1658 Massachusetts
Ancestral File


Job Clements
Born 1615 England
Occupation: Tanner
Oath of fidelity(to England) 1639
Freeman 1647
First Constable in Haverhill
Moved to Dover, New Hampshire by 1654
Married 1) Margaret Dummer (cousin?) 25 Dec 1644 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Susanna, John, Job, Mary
2) Lydia (unknown surname) 1657
3) Joanna Silsby (widow of Thomas Leighton) 15 Jul 1673
Died 4 Sep 1682 Dover, Stafford, New Hampshire
Note: His will was proven 9 Nov 1682
Online Book: page 322-323 of History of Essex by Major General A W Greeley, Vol 67, 1911
Book: The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660 by Charles H Pope, 1918, page 32-33
John Clements
Born 22 Oct 1620 England
Occupation: Farmer
Married Sarah Osgood 1 Jun 1648 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Sarah, Lydia, Mary, Hannah, Rebecca
Died 21 Jul 1659 Atlantic Ocean, shipwreck
Note: There are two versions of his death. In one, after his death, his family 'returned' to England and in the second, there was a shipwreck and his wife and children were lost with him before they reached England (there is debate on which children died - why would they leave ten year old Sarah and baby Rebecca behind?) As far as his family returning to England? Sarah had no reason to return. Her extended family was already well established in America. The only two ships I've found that were leaving about that time were the Frances and the Adventure. The Frances was carrying ten passengers and it was her first voyage - though it doesn't say she wrecked.
Shipwreck: Book: Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Clements, Percival W Clement, p38
Ancestral File
Robert Clements
Born 1621 England
Occupation: Cooper (he made barrels) County Comissioner, Associate Judge of Haverhill
Was administrator of his brother, John's will in 1659
Married Elizabeth Fawn 3 Dec 1652 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: John, Abraham, Daniel, Hannah, Fawne, Nathaniel, Robert, Lydia, Mary, Mary, Jonathan
Died 17 Mar 1715 Massachusetts
Book: New England Families Vol 4 page 2221
Ancestral File
Abraham Clements
Born 1624 England
Married 1) Elizabeth (unknown surname)
2) Jayne Aylett
Abraham migrated to Killenacratt, Craven, Ireland
Died 5 Apr 1677 Ireland
Info on migration: Book: Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, 1985, page 13
Ancestral File
Daniel Clements
Born 1625 England
Married Elizabeth abt 1645
Died 1680 Rathkenny, Cavan, Ireland
Ancestral File
*Sarah Clements
Born 1626 England
Married 1) Abraham Morrill 10 Jun 1645 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Richard, Lydia, Hepzibah
2) Thomas Mudgett 8 Oct 1665 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Mary, Temperance
Died: Aug 1694 Salisbury, Essex, New England
Ancestral File
Book: Old Salisbury Families by David Hoyt page 262
Lydia Clements
Born 1630 England
Note:  I had information she had not come over with her parents, but if you will look at the notes at the end of the post, there is another opinion.
Married Moses Pingree 1644
Children: Sarah, Lydia, Lydia, Moses, Aaron, John, Thomas, Abigail, Mehitable
Died 16 Jan 1676 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Ancestral File
Mary Clements
Born 1637 England
Married John Osgood
Note: Living in Andover, at 45 years old, Mary was indicted for witchcraft in 1692. John, her husband wrote petitions 12 Oct 1692 and 6 Dec 1692 to the courts on behalf of her and others. She was still alive in 1695
Mary's Declaration of her innocence and what happened to put her in that situation: Thomas Hutchinson , History of Massachusetts-Bay, Vol II, 31-32
Her husband's Petitions: Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 61 and No. 66
Her court case: The Salem Witchcraft Papers, Volume 3 : Verbatim Transcripts of the Legal Documents of the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692


  1. Nice to find your blog. I am a descendant of Robert Clements as well; in fact, of his daughter, Mary, and her husband John Osgood. We were aware of the Osgood lineage, but, the witchcraft element was newly discovered. Then the Clements side emerged, which was new to us, and the Samuel Clemens connection just topped it off. And lastly I find this blog, it's been a fun couple of days.

    Thx for sharing,

    K. Carlton Mayfield

  2. Hi just a little information on Lydia. Lydia did come over with the family it was Mary that stayed in England with family she was 5 years old at the time of departure, Mary came over 10 years later at the age of 15, a year after arriving in Haverhill she was married to John Osgood by her farther. This information came from the book (Ancestors and Descendents of Robert Clement by Percival Wood Clement a two volume set
    Thomas Edward Clement (Decendent)

    1. Thankyou for this information it is helping put together where I am in relation to this family...many of which still live in the southern Maine area. I too am a descendent of Robert and Lydia (Drummer) Clements. Then to the line of Mary (Clements) and John Osgood. I thought that Mary had been a girl in her teen years when the witch trials were going on.