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Arthur Allen 1607-1669 Alice Tucker 1613

The pictures are from an old magazine.  It may have been Architectural Digest or Life Magazine (the page was large), The picture and paragraph explaining the architecture was on page 36 along with other famous houses.

From Wikipedia
Bacon's Castle, also known as "Allen's Brick House" or the "Arthur Allen House" is located in Surry County, Virginia, USA.

Soon after Surry County was formed in the Royal Colony of Virginia in 1652, Arthur Allen built a Jacobean brick house in 1665 near the James River, where he and his wife Alice (née Tucker) lived. He was a wealthy merchant and a Justice of the Peace in Surry County. Allen died in 1669, but his son, Major Arthur Allen II, inherited the house and property.

The Allen family's brick home became known as "Bacon's Castle" because it was occupied by the followers of Nathaniel Bacon during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. The name "Bacon's Castle" was not used until many years after Bacon's Rebellion.
The following from online: museumintern.blogspot.com
... It was noted in his diaries that when he returned to live back at his home, after Bacon's rebels took it over, the largest amount of damage was in the cellar and that no wine was left drinkable. Archeologists from AVPA have found wine bottles broken in fireplaces and areas around the backyard where bonfires took place.
(Colonel) Arthur Allen
Born: 1607 Worcester, England
Christened 23 Oct 1608 St. Andrew, Droitwich, Worcester, England
Note:  Name is spelled Arthure in record
Parents:  John Allen and Unknown mother
Occupation: Merchant (also listed as a Merchant in Bristol, England), Justice of the Peace, Planter (tobacco)
Married Alice Tucker abt 1630 possibly in Virginia
Died:  Abt June 1669 Virginia
Christening:  IGI Film 0354318 Batch C023462 dated 1571-1769
Online: http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm
Alice Tucker
Born abt 1613 England
Debate on her parents:  Either William Tucker and Mary his wife or Daniel Tucker whose wife is unknown
Married 2) John Hardy
Died after 1686 Virginia  (see the comments below by boxmommy)
Online: http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm

Please note:  
These children were not born at Bacon's Castle which built in 1665. 
Their birth year and order is also debatable. If the parents were married when Arthur was 18, the first child could have been born in 1626.  If that is the case, a few may have been born in England since according to the source ( jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm) Arthur did not arrive in America until 1630's.  He "imported" four people, including Alice, in 1649/50, so it could be that some of these children were born in England (the source did not list who the four people were). 

Elizabeth Allen
Born abt 1630 Virginia
Married 1) Robert Caufield abt 1650
Children:  Mary
2) (Sheriff) Joseph John Jackman abt 1652
Died 1691
Online http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm
*Joane (Jane) Allen
Born abt 1631 Virginia
Married 1) Dr. Robert Williamson abt 1651 Virginia
Children: George, James, Robert, Arthur, George, Robert, Francis
2) Robert Burnett 2 Nov 1672 Isle of Wight, Virginia
3) Reuben Proctor abt 1674
Online: http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm
Katherine Allen 
Born abt 1633 Virginia
Married 1) John Johnson (one of his descendants is U.S.President Lyndon B Johnson)
Note:  boxmommy has Robert Johnson as his father - see comments section
Children:  John 
2) William Mayo
Note: see boxmommy comments section for William
Children: William, James, John, Peter, Margaret, Patience, Mary
Note:  These children may have been from a former marriage William had
Died 1693 Isle of Wight, Virginia
Online: http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm
Mary Allen
Born abt 1634 Virginia
Married Captain Arthur Long abt 1651 Virginia
Will dated 27 Jan 1679 (she was a widow at the time)
Book:  Southside Virginia Families Vol 1 by John Boddie page 3
Online http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm
(Major) Arthur Allen (Jr)
Born abt 1639 Virginia
Occupation: Major Allen was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses
From Encyclopedia of Virginia [Page 170]

Allen, Maj. Arthur, was the son and heir of Arthur Allen, of Surry county, and of his wife, Alice Tucker. Maj. Allen's father, in 1749, patented 200 acres between Lawne's Creek and Lower Chippoakes Creek. Maj. Allen was burgess from Surry county in 1682, in 1685-86 and in 1688. In the last-named session he was speaker of the assembly. He married Katherine, daughter and heiress of Cap. Laurence Baker, of Surry. On July 3, 1677, Mr. Arthur Allen sued Mr. Robert Burgess for that "during the most Horrid Rebellion (Bacon's rebellion) he with others did seize and keep garrison in the pit's house neare fower months." This ancient brick mansion is still standing, one of the oldest houses in Virginia, and is known as "Bacon's Castle" (1914). Maj. Allen's will was proved in Surry court, Sept. 5, 1710.

Married 1) Katherine Baker abt 1658
Children:  Arthur, Elizabeth, John, Catherine, James, Ann, Mary, Joseph
2) Elizabeth Bray abt 1670 (some have this woman married to his son James, more research is needed) 
Children:  James
Died 19 May 1710
Online http://jliptrap.us/gen/aallen.htm


  1. Brilliant, has helped fill in so many gaps in family tree. My partner I believe is 8th x great grand nephew of Arthur Allen


  2. Katherine Allen Johnson died before 1693. It was her sister Isabel Allen who married William Mayo Jr and was the executor of his will in 1715.

  3. Alice (Tucker Allen) Hardy was still living in 1686 on the remainder of the 1666 Patent of 1150 acres to John Hardy that he left in his 1676 will for her to live on the remainder of her life, as she is named as a neighbor to a new patent to Thomas Harris Jr on the southwest corner of the 1666 patent. The 1666 Patent to John Hardy is on the southwest corner of the 1658 Patent to Thomas Harris Sr of 1000 acres that names John Hardy as the 1st of 20 headrights.

  4. You are still omitting the daughter Isabel Allen who married William Mayo, as the widow Alice Tucker Allen Hardy named her son in law William Mayo as her power of attorney in 1681, witnessed by her son Arthur Allen Jr.

    1. boxmommy, It sounds like you have done a lot more research on this line than I have. Thank you for commenting. If you would like me to add Isabel, please add her information and your sources in the comments section (this gives you the credit for correcting my errors and corrects the record for others). Thanks.

  5. I am a eleventh generation grandson of Arthur Allen, Col.

  6. I am an eleventh generation grandson of Col. Arthur Allen

  7. I never said that Katherine Allen married a John Johnson. She was married to Robert Johnson and had a son John Johnson named as a son in law in the will of John Hardy and two daughters that married sons of Lucy Hardy and Hodges Council. William Mayo is also named in the last paragraph of the John Hardy Will that pertains to relatives of his current wife Alice Tucker Allen. All records of this William Mayo that name a wife give her a name of Isabel, including his 1713 Will. In 1681, the widow Alice (Tucker Allen) Hardy gave her Power of Attorney to this William Mayo.

    1. Boxmommy,
      Thank you for the corrections.