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Joseph Taylor 1726-1806 Nancy 1729

Note:  There have been several attempts to connect the Taylor family with the one that is related to President (of the USA)  Zachary Taylor.  We are not related.

There are Taylor's listed on the 1797 tax list for Kentucky - Joseph (my ancestor) ended up there.  Perhaps his brothers, Thomas, and John also moved to Kentucky.  The names  John, Thomas, and Joseph are listed on the taxes for that year.

Joseph Taylor
Born 1726 Orange County, Virginia
Lived on Coneto Creek Property from 1760 until the time of his death
Parents Richard Taylor and Dinah (unknown surname)
Married Nancy  abt 1752
Died After 1806
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 8

Nancy (surname has been said to be Walker, Cherry, Lee, and Warren)
Born abt 1729 Orange Country, Virginia
Parents: Unknown
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 8


*Joseph Taylor (Jr.)
To see him as a parent:
Born Abt 1751 Tyrrell, North Carolina
alternate birthdate 4 Mar 1760 - but no source is known for this date.
Alternate birth place:  Orange County, Virginia
Military:  Revolutionary War 1776-1779
Note:  Served 2 years in Continental Army with Captain Blounts Company, Edgecomb, North Carolina and honorably discharged 30 Jan 1779.  It was said he was wounded in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.
Martin County Militia:  Oct 1779-16 Jun 1783:  Private (gunsmith) North Carolina Martin County Militia
Married Sarah Best abt 1782 Martin County, North Carolina

Children: Frances, Amy, William, Allen, Maryann, Seraphy, Nancy, Sarah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Charlotte
Owned 200 acres in Kentucky 1798
Died 22 March 1819  near Richardsville,Warren,Kentucky
Buried Taylor Family Cemetery, near Richardsville,Warren, Kentucky
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 8, 10
Family Tree which cites: Joseph Taylor and Sarah Best Family, Vol. 1, Shari Humphries Franke, p. 15
1790 US Census for Martin, North Carolina page 435 
Note: 3 people in household:  himself, wife, and oldest child
1800 US Census for Edgecomb, North Carolina
U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls

David Taylor
Born abt 1753 Tyrell, North Carolina
Married - yes, but to whom is not known.
No Children
Died 24 Dec 1798 Tyrell, Dobbs, North Carolina
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 8
Amy Temperance Taylor
To see her as a parent:
Born abt 1759 Tyrell, North Carolina
Married Etheldred (Dred) Wallace abt 1799
Children: Agnes, Abithel, Charlotte, Axium, Josiah, Maniza, Harriet, George
Died 8 Sep 1865 Tennessee
Buried Wallace Cemetery, Stewart, Tennessee
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 8-9
1840 US Census Stewart, Tennessee page 323

John Taylor
Note:  in the book, Coneto Creek Taylors, it claims that John could be a son of Joseph and Nancy.  I believe common sense claims he is.  Not only did he own land on the Taylor property, his own will (which is below) was witnessed by William Best, who would have been his brother-in-law.  
Born 10 Feb 1763 Tyrell, North Carolina
Married Ellen Drake abt 1785
Children:  Marcum, Margaret, Ellen, Fredrick, Cinderella
His will:
Taylor, John, will date, 21 Mar. 1823, date recorded Aug. Ct. 1825, 
Dearly beloved wife Elon Taylor for her life or widowhood- a part of my land 
and plantation where I now live, house, beginning in a branch at a corner in 
Best’s line running down the branch to Crisp’s line then along Crisp’s line 
to Clomen’s line then along Clomon’s line until opposite of the Dam Branch 
then up the various course of said branch to Robert Best, then along Robert 
Best line to the beginning.  
Item - son Marcum Taylor.  
Item son Fredrick Taylor $5.  
Item daughter Elon Bennett - $5.  
Item daughter Sinderilla Taylor ($5).   c
Item granddaughter Matilda Whitfield.  
Item - Land to be divided among Elon Bennett, Sinderilla Taylor and Matilda Whitfield at wife’s death or marriage.  
Exe. Marcum Taylor and John Mooring, Jr.   
Signed John Taylor, 
wit. William Best, John Best.  Abstracted from original in State Archives, 
also recorded in Wb F, page 40.  CTC.
Died: Between Mar 1823-Aug 1825 Tyrell, North Carolina
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 9
Miss Taylor
Born abt 1765 Tyrell, North Carolina
Married William Best abt 1785
Children:  Anna, Elizabeth
William was the son of Thomas Best III and Ms. Smith.  The following table might shed light on some of it.  The first Thomas listed would be Williams Grandfather, then his father, then himself.
Best, ThomasEstate1743NC Archives/Tyrrell Co. Estates - C.R.096.508.06
Best, ThomasEstate1754NC Archives/Tyrrell Co. Estates - C.R.096.508.06
Best, WilliamEstate1813NC Archives/Tyrrell Co. Estates - C.R.096.508.06
Died abt 1807
Book:  Coneto Creek Taylors by Jesse L Warner (1975) page 9

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