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Leonard Harriman 1632-1691 Margaret Palmer 1628-1676

Memorial in his name
Leonard Harriman
Born  abt 1622  Rowley, York, England
Life Notes:
He was believed to have been in the first company that settled in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Occupation:  Farmer and a Mechanic (he manufactured looms)
Married Margaret Palmer abt 1649
Immigrated: 1640
Freeman:  1647
Died 6 May 1691 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Note:  his will was made 14 days before his death
His will:
In the name of God Amen. I, Leonard Harriman, in ye county of Essex in New England, being infirme in body but of competent understanding as doe formerly make this my last will and testament as followeth:
Impr I commit my soul into ye hands of God who gave it me and my body to decent buriall in hopes of a happy resurrection through the power and strenght and merits of my dear redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.
As to my outward estate I dispose of it as followeth:  To my eldest son, Matthew Harriman, I give and bequeath all my lands and meadows in ye bounds of Haverhill provided he pay eight pounds which I am engaged to pay for him to Mr. Wainwright and forty shillings in money to his sister Mary, which, if he do not, I reserve the percell of meadow that I bought of Abraham Whiticar, called spike's meadow, giving it to my exectuor hereafter named to enable him to pay the said sum or sums and to his son Matthew, my grandchild, I give my arms and ammunition to my son Jonathan Harriman, I hereby confirm that which I have given him by deed of gift upon marriage and the new leantoo built against his room and my shop and loomes and all the working geers belonging to them and all my utensils of husbandry and half my part of the hay boat.   Also, I give him the other half of my lands in Rowley, provided he pay to his sister Hannah Boynton within six years of my decease in corn or cattle or both, the sum of thirty pounds, and to his sister Mary Harriman the sum of thirty pounds within three years after my decease, and suffer said Mary to enjoy peaceably during her living unmarried, the end of the house next to the street and two apple trees by said end and two more apple trees in the other part of ye orchard and the garden spot before that end of ye house which if he said Jonathan by himself or heirs cause it not to be payed then my overseers here after named upon the desire of my daughters shall have liberty to apprise so much land now given by will not given absolutely upon marriage as shall pay my said daughters what I should have paid.
To my daughter Hannah Boynton, I give the sum of thirty pounds to be paid by Jonathan her brother or lands upon non-payment as expressed.
To my daughter, Mary Harriman, I give ye use of the end of the house next the street so long as she remain unmarried and ye use of four apple trees as before expressed as my overseers shall set out for her use also I give to be at her dispose emediatly upon my decease two cows and such household stuff as I shall leave and thirty pounds which Jonathan is to pay her as expressed or upon her decease before the time prefixed as she may give it when payable by will or deed of gift.
Also my will is and I hereby constitue my said son Jonathan my sole executor empowering him to pay my debts and funeral charges out of the moveable estate not before bequeathed and to pay himself such necessary charge as he may be at about my will and the remainder I give to be equally divided by my overseers betwixt my said daughters, Hannah and Mary, within half a year after my decease.
Further my will is and I hereby desire my beloved friends Nehemiah Jewett and Joseph Jewett Sr. to be my overseers and to see to the fulfilling of my said will allowing for any time about said betrustment they expend out of my estate notwithstanding what I have ordered Matthew to pay; upon his paying of ten shillings of silver money to my executors and two thousand of pine boards I acquit of the rest above mentioned:  to Jonathan I give my division in the Commons near Caleb Jacksons about eleven acres in the roome of that I sold to Samuel Pearley that he had a share in.
In witness that this is my last will and testament and that I revoke all former and other wills I have here unto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of May Anno Dom 1691. Leonard Harriman (sealed)
Signed sealed and declared to be his last will and testament in presence of us witnesses: James Dickinson, John Hopkinson
Note:  There is also a list of items on page 8 of the book written by Amos Hadley that gives details about his estate
Picture: (link is broken as of 2018)
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Margaret (possibly Palmer)
Born 1628
Parents Thomas Palmer and Ann (if Margaret's surname is Palmer)
Died 1676
Buried 22 Oct 1676 Rowley, Massachusetts
Old Hancock County Families, William M. Pierce, 1933, page 78
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John Harriman
Born 16 May 1650 Rowley, Massachusetts
In October, 1674, a John Heriman and his wife "were convicted for fornication and confessing, were ordered to be whipped, he twenty stripes and she fifteen, or pay a fine of 81i". Such a charge usually meant the couple had a child less than or about seven months after marriage. No records of John's marriage or the birth of a child have been found.
Died in King Phillip's war on 18 Sep 1675 Bloody Brook, Deerfield, Massachusetts
Note: He was killed in the massacre at Muddy Brook,on Sept 18 1675.  Thereafter called Bloody Brook in King Philips War. 71 militia out of a force of 80 were killed by Native Americans."With Captain Thomas Lathrop's troops as reinforcements some fifty soldiers plus fifteen Pocumtuck teamsters, village men recruited to help, loaded grain onto carts and headed south. About five miles south of town(later called Deerfield) they came to a stream called Muddy Brook where they were attacked by Indians(Wampanoags, Nipmucks, Pocumtucks). Over sixty were killed." An account of the massacre can be found in "A sketch of the History of Newbury ect." by Joshua Coffin.
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*Matthew Harriman
Born 16 Aug 1652 Rowley, Massachusetts
Married 1) Elizabeth Swan  22 Dec 1673 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Matthew, Elizabeth, Matthew, Hannah, Mary, Margaret, Abigail, Mehetable, John, Leonard, Nathaniel, Richard, Abner 
2) Mary Calee abt 1716
Children:  Leonard, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Mary 
Died 28 Oct 1726 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
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Hannah Harriman
Born 22 May 1655 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: Sargeant Caleb Boynton 26 May 1674 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Children:  Hannah, Margaret, Ruth, Jeremiah, Ebenezer, unnamed baby
Died:  19 Feb 1726
Marriage and Children: History of the Boynton Family, 1897, (compiled by John and Caroline -Harriman- Boynton) page 48
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Jonathan's headstone
Jonathan Harriman
 Born 5 Dec 1657 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Married 1) Sarah Palmer (she died 30 Jun 1688)
Children:  Margaret
2) Margaret Elithorpe 19 Aug 1691
Children:  Jonathan, Leonard, Nathaniel, Mary, Sarah, John, Samuel, Jeremiah
Died 15 Feb 1741
Note:  His will was dated 12 Jun 1734 and proved 19 Apr 1742
Buried Georgetown Graveyard, Georgetown, Massachusetts
Birth: IGI Film 0496782 IT 1-2 batch C500351 dated 1849
Birth and Death: Book: New England Families Vol 3 page 1515
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Mary Harriman
Born 1659 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Married Samuel Cooper 25 Jun 1691 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Mary, Peter, Hannah, Moses, Leonard
Died 7 Oct 1742
Marriage: Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts (Amos Everett Jewett), Page 81
History of the State of Maine Vol 2 page 942
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  1. What is your source for listing the wife of Leonard Harriman as Margaret Palmer? None of the sources that you cite give her last name. If there is such a source, we would very much like to know it.

    1. The Harriman's are my husband's family. It came from a Family Group Sheet. M

    2. Thomas and Ann Palmer were married in 1643 in Rowley. So if they had a daugher, Margaret, she would be possibly 7 years old when her first child was born. There are many family group sheets naming Palmer, but no evidence as to where the information came from aside from other family group sheets.

  2. Kinda bummed he doesn't mention his daughter Metehable (Harriman) Whittaker.... :(

  3. Lady Alaise:

    I wasn't aware of more children. Where did she fit into this family? I take it you are a descendant?


    1. Mehetabel was Leonard's grand-daughter. She was the daughter of Mathew with his first wife, Elizabeth Swan.