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Jens Ohlsson and Bertha Marie Holst

Jens Ohlsson
Parents:  Neils Ohlsson and Petrea Jensen
Born 6 December 1882 Tirstrup, Randers, Denmark
Christened 29 April 1883 Tirstrup, Randers, Denmark
Immigration to US:  1905
Occupation:  Burlington Railroad Engineer
Married ??? ( he may have been a bigamist - all his children were born in Montana - supposedly)
1) Clara Elsie about 1910 - based on the children's ages and the 1910 Census
Children:  Ray, Arthur, Mable, Harry, Edwin, Leo, James, Agnes, Edith, Edna
2) Bertha Marie Holst about 1911
Children:  Margaret and Neils
Died 9 May 1956 Dee Hospital, Ogden, Weber, Utah
Note:  Listed as divorced on death certificate
Buried:  He was cremated and his ashes were shipped to Denmark
Laramie Wyoming Naturalization records 10 March 1904 Vol C page 104
1910 US Census Mondak School District, Valley, Montana, United States (age 29, wife Elsie, one child)
13 May 1911 depart from Liverpool, England aboard the Mauretania for New York
WW1 Draft Registration in Sheridan, Montana
Note:  His draft registration is where he lists wife Bertha, as the closest relative.  Bertha was actually in Denmark at the time visiting her family.  She came with him back to U.S. from Denmark with their two children - Margaret and William - in 1922
1920 US Census Sheridan, Montana (age 29- again, this time with wife Clara and six kids)
1930 US Census School District 51, Sheridan, Montana (age 39, with wife Clara and 8 kids)
Ellis Island Arrival 13 March 1920 on ship Mauretania
Note: Wolfe Point, Montana was listed as his last place of residence
Passport application 1921 so he could 'visit parents' lists his residence as Kansas City, Missouri
Passport photo from 1922
10 August 1928 departs from England on ship Mauretania for New York
10 Sep 1931 departs from Bremen, Germany on ship Europa for New York
4 April 1935 departs from Bremen, Germany on ship Europa for New York
1940 US Census Bainville, Montana (hotel guest)
1940 US Census Sheridan, Montana (age 59 with wife Clara and 3 children)
8 September 1947 Air Passenger Manifest leaving Stockholm, Sweden and bound for New York
1967-68 Sharon, his niece, visited Denmark and spoke to Margaret (his daughter from Bertha)
Utah Death Certificate

Bertha Marie Holst
Passport photo 1922

CHILDREN with Bertha

Margarethe Caroline Ohlsson
Born 7 November 1912 Montana
Married Arne Hansen
Children: Benge, Bertha, Hanna
Died Denmark

Passport photo 1922 of Margaret as a little girl
Memories of Sharon, her great niece
Picture taken in 1967-68:  courtesy of Sharon, her great niece who visited Denmark
Neils William Ohlsson
Born 26 June 1914 Glasgow Valley, Montana
Died South Africa
Passport photo 1922
Picture:  William is the little boy standing next to Jens, his father and by his grandparents,  Neils and his second wife (the stepmother Jens and Janus did not get along with)

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