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George Michael Rote (Rhoades/Rhodes) 1729-1797 Sarah 1734

Mifflinburg was once known as Rotestown and Northumberland became Union county. 
I've also seen other records that may or may not be right about the children in this family - some of them have the in-laws marrying different siblings than I have.  However, I'm still looking for proof of the marriages and trying to correct what I have.  If you have sourced information, please share.

George Michael Rote (Rhoades, Rhodes, etc.)
Birth and Christening 24 January 1729  Kandel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Parents:  Anthony Rote and Anna Barbara Widmayer
Married Sarah abt 1750 Germany
Immigration to United States:  aboard Ship Hamilton 6 Oct 1767
Note:  Residence: In 1797, George M Rote/Rhoades developed the land from Third Street eastward, in Mifflinburg, Union Co. Pa. This extension acquired the name Rhoadestown, or Rotestown (or Greenville), George Rote owned the Ensign Foster tract of 246 acre
Occupation:  Miller
Died 18 Jan 1797 Buffalo Valley, Mifflinburg, Union, Pennsylvania
Family Tree
Book:  Annals of Buffalo Valley by John Blair Linn page 236, 311
Elizabeth (unknown surname)
(For those who thought her name was Sarah like I did, see comment section)
Born abt 1734 Germany
Unknown Parents
Married 2)  Daniel Scholtz
Died Pennsylvania
Family Tree


Roade (Rhody) Rote
Born 1753 Germany
Note:  When she was abt 14 and her brother George was 12, they were captured by Indians and carried away in the Cornplanters country (Cornplanter was a native American) and not released until peace was proclaimed (some say 7 years, others say less).  They met at a furnace near Clarion, Pennsylvania, and returned home together. 
Married James Ben who remarried a widow with the surname Murphy after Roade died. 
Book:  Annals of Buffalo Valley by John Blair Linn page 199
Esther Rote
Born 1755 Germany
Married Frederick Bortages
Note:  this is an error - see comment section below
Ancestral File
*Sarah Rote
Born 1756
Married Johan Adam Colpetzer 1776
Note: Adam Colpetzer appears in what was West Buffalo township tax assessment in 1775 along with a Michael Shirtz (who would marry Sarah's sister Elizabeth) and confirms at least Michael's place in Union County.  Adam was fined 20 pounds for refusing to march with the militia between March 1777 and April 1783 
Children:  Adam, William, Nicolas, Peter, George, Minerva, Sarah, Annie, Henry, James, John
Tax: History of that Part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys ..., Volume 2 edited by Franklin Ellis, Austin N. Hungerford page 17
Fine:  Pennsylvania archives By Pennsylvania. Secretary of the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania. Dept. of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania State Library
Idaho Genealogical Society 1961
George Michael Rote 
Born 1758 Germany
Married Rachel Skiles
Children:  Michael, George
Death:  Abt 1829 Pennsylvania
Book: Annals of Buffalo Valley by John Blair Linn
Peter Rote
Born 1760 Germany
alternative day:  12 May 1768 in New Jersey - this is possible since his parents came in 1767.
Occupation:  Carpenter, Farmer
Married Elizabeth Kiester
Children:  George, John, Henry, Anne, Abraham, Peter, George, Michael, Elizabeth, Griffin, Margaret, Francis, Simon, Jacob
Died 30 March 1826 Logan, Centre, Pennsylvania
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Mary Rote
Born 1763 Germany
Married Joseph Ultz abt 1784 Pennsylvania
Ancestral File
Jacob Rote
Born 1766 Germany
Ancestral File
Abraham Rote
Born 1768 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Married Margaret ? 7 April 1798
Children:  George, Elizabeth
Died 17 December 1842 Jackson, Pike, Ohio
Elizabeth Rote
Born 1770 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Married Michael Shirts (Schertz)
Note:  Michael appears in a 1775 tax assessment of Buffalo Township. He built the grist and saw mills at Penn's Valley Narrows
History of that Part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys ..., Volume 2 edited by Franklin Ellis, Austin N. Hungerford page 17
Lydia Rote
Born 30 May 1772 New Jersey (? according to her death cert.)
Married John Kiester
Children:  Margaret, Peter, Sarah, John, Ann, Elizabeth, Benjamin, George, Levi, Lydia, Elias, Isaac 
Died 18 Feb 1854 Hartley Township, Union, Pennsylvania
Buried Kiester Burial Ground
Pennsylvania Death Certificate from
John Rote
Born 1774 Mifflinburg, Union, Pennsylvania
Ancestral File


  1. George Rote Sr at the time of his death was married to Elizabeth Rote. George died intestate and his heirs (10 chidlren) are listed in the land records of Northumberland (later Union County) and of course his widow Elizabeth. Later she is identified as Elizabeth Scholz, widow of George Rote. She remarried second to Daniel Scholz. All George Rote deeds prior to his death often include his wife and always name her as Elizabeth. Never was Sarah mentioned as the name of George Rote's wife. I would also advise Rote family researchers to examine the Northumberland and/or Union County deeds for further clarification of George's children...Linn made an error in his history and listed Michael Bartges as one of his son-in-laws...not so. George had 5 sons and 5 daughters, and his daughters were Esther wife of Adam Colpetzer, Elizabeth wife of Michael Schirtz, Mary wife of Joseph Ultz, Rhoda wife of James Ben and Lydia wife of John Kiester.

    1. Roger, thank you for your comment and the clarification on the name of his wife. Are you a descendant?