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Jacob Frederick Ettleman 1757-1846 Chloe Ann (Ann Clara) Benner 1761

Note: many people have shared what was contained in the book, The  Forney Five Family Records which was written by Charles Forney, published 1937.  However, one thing I keep in mind is that people are human and make mistakes.  The book claims James Houston (husband of Mary Magdalena Ettleman) was born in Ireland (he wasn't).  

Jacob Frederick Ettleman
Parents Valentine Ettleman and Elizabeth Swank
Born 14 Sep 1757 New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Christened 30 Oct 1760 German Reformed Church, Tohickon, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Note:  Surname spelled Edleman in record
Married 1) Chloe Ann Benner 13 Oct 1782 Indian Creek Church, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
2) Margaret Smith 17 Aug 1830 Stark, Ohio
Children:  Sarah, Susannah, George, Mary
Buried 1846 Nishnobotna Valley, Page, Iowa
Pennsylvania Births and Christenings 1709-1760 Batch C50755-1 Film 974.8 B4PG V 31
1790 US Census for Bedford, Pennsylvania page 235
Note:  surname spelled Ettlman in record
1800 US Census Air, Bedford, Pennsylvania
1810 US Census for Air, Bedford, Pennsylvania page 552
Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1848
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Marriage to Margaret:  Ohio Marriages 1789-1994  Batch M51430-1 Film 0897628 V. A-C
Chloe Ann (Ann Clara) Benner
Parents John Benner and Mary Magdalene Bos
Born 1761 Hilltown, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Died 1829 Ohio
Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1848
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John Ettleman
Born 29 Jun 1782 Bedminster, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Christened 29 Jun 1783 German Reformed Church, Tohickon, Bucks, Pennsylvania
No record of marriage
Pennsylvania Births and Christenings 1709-1760 Batch C50755-1 Film 974.8 B4PG V 31
Common marker in Mormon Pioneer Cemetery
*Mary Magdalena Ettleman
Born 3 Nov 1785 Bedford, Pennsylvania
Christened 27 Aug 1786 Franconia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Married James Houston 7 Sep 1813 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Children:  Elizabeth, John, Mary, Anne, Sarah, Susannah, Catherine
Died 26 Mar 1847 Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska
Buried:  Mormon Pioneer Cemetery
Life Sketch
This is how the story goes as shared on Family Search:
James and Mary Magdalena Ettleman Houston were well to do farmers. They joined the Mormon Church and the subsequent persecutions, lost their farm and home. Later, they joined the Saints at Nauvoo. Sometime in late 1841, while working on the Nauvoo Temple, Grandfather died of exposure. Later Grandmother went to live with a dear friend; Mrs. Alleman (may be Allman). Just why Grandmother did not go to live with one of her children is not known. Her daughters had nearly all married men prominent in the church. Mary was the wife of Joseph Smith and later of Heber C. Kimball; Sarah was Mrs. Parley P. Pratt; Ann was Mrs. Mrs. Newell Whitney; Susan was Mrs. Benjamin Mitchell. She also had a son, Jon. Her oldest daughter, Elizabeth never joined the Church. It was probably that the poor little mother, whose health was impaired by the bitter experiences she had undergone, felt unequal to further persecutions and journeys in search of a home. At any rate, she died in 1846 at the home of her friend in Nauvoo.
Now, to address the speculation at the end of this sketch:
I believe the reason Mary Ettleman didn't go to live with her children is a matter of logistics. Her only son was dead as of 1852, and her girls (except Elizabeth) were living over a thousand miles away in Utah. Elizabeth never joined the church and married James McBee, another non-member. If Elizabeth happened to be bitter against the church, there may have been friction.
Picture of monument:
Note: Remember her name appears as Mary Housten on the monument
Online: Winter Quarters Project
Elizabeth Mary Ettleman
Born 1788 Bedford, Pennsylvania
Married Jacob Miller 10 Dec 1814 Stark, Ohio
Elizabeth and Jacob marriage record 
Children:  George, Elizabeth, Jacob, Levi, William, Eliza, Amanda, Sylvester, Parmelia
Died 1854 Ohio
Ohio Marriages 1789-1994 page 10

Phillip headstone
Phillip Ettleman
Born 2 Mar 1791 Air, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Married Catherine "Caty" Clapper 15 Apr 1817 Stark, Ohio
Children: Susan, Mary, Elizabeth, Clara, Christena
Mormon Overland Trail:  Joel Edmunds Company
Died 16 Nov 1854, Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah
Note: History of Box Elder County, (published by D.U.P.,1937) Philip had been hauling a load of timber and on the return trip was driving up 3rd North near 3rd East. He was sitting on the front of the running gears when the reach-pole broke loose from the hind gear. The motion of the wagon caused the pole to fly forward and hit the team on the back, at the same time pinning him in such a way that he was dragged to death by the runaway team. 
Phillip and Caty Clapper marriage record
1830 US Census Greenfield, Stark, Ohio
Ohio Marriages 1789-1994 page 23
BYU Studies Vol 13 published in 1972
1850 US Census Fremont County, Iowa
Image of Marriage Record:
Pioneer Immigrants to Utah Territory
Jacob Ettleman
Born 1794 Air Township, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Married Susanna Klein 13 Jun 1816 Stark, Ohio
Jacob and Susanna Klein marriage record

Children: Daniel, Mary, Catherine, Susanna, Amanda
Buried Lima Cemetery, Adams, Illinois (no headstone)
1830 US Census Greentown, Stark, Ohio
1840 US Census Adams County, Illinois
1870 US Census for Lima, Adams, Illinois (age 76)
Marriage to Susannah:  Ohio Marriages 1789-1994 Batch M51430-1 Film 0897628 V. A-C
Anna Clara's headstone
Anna Clara Ettleman
Born 26 Mar 1796 Air Township, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Married John Spidle 26 Mar 1816 Stark, Ohio
John Spidel and Anna's marriage record
Children:  Joseph, John, Mary, Jacob, Catherine, Anna, Elizabeth, Adam, David, Samuel, Daniel
Died 29 Mar 1876 Manchester, Franklin, Summit, Ohio
Buried Grill Cemetery, New Franklin, Summit, Ohio
Ohio Marriages 1789-1994 page 19
1850 US Census for Franklin, Summit, Ohio (age 54)

Henry Ettleman
Henry Ettleman
Born 6 Sep 1798 Mcdonaldsburg, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Married Christiana Clapper 4 May 1823 Stark, Ohio
Henry and Christena's headstone
Children: Eli, Samuel, Mary Ann, Catherine, Moroni, Henry
Died 13 Nov 1865 Thurman, Fremont, Iowa
Buried Thurman Cemetery, Fremont, Iowa
Ohio Marriages 1789-1994 page 73 Batch I05104-4 Film 897628
1850 US Census for Fremont, Fremont, Iowa (age 50)
1860 US Census for Fremont, Iowa page 25 (age 62)
Mormon Redress Petitions (in which it notes he had been taken prisoner in Missouri during the time mobs were torturing Mormons)
Catherine Ettleman
Born 1800 Pennsylvania
Married Edward Sweeney 25 July 1822 Ohio
Children:  Delilah, Jacob, Julianne, Mary, Levi, Riley
Died:  8 Aug 1883 Wythe, Hancock, Illinois
1860 US Census Wythe, Hancock, Illinois
1865 State Census Wythe, Hancock, Illinois
1870 US Census Wythe, Hancock, Illinois (living with son Riley)
1880 US Census for Wythe, Hancock, Illinois (age 75, living with son Riley)


Margaret Smith
Born 10 March 1800 Hannover, Stadt Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
Died 11 February 1898 Neola, Pottawatomie, Iowa, United States
1850 US Pottawatomie county, Pottawatomie, Iowa, United States
1870 Iowa, United States
1880 Scott, Fremont, Iowa, United States
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Sarah and Joseph headstone
Sarah Ann Ettleman
Born 12 March 1832 Stark, Ohio
Married 1) Henry Christian Clapper 13 Sep 1849 Mills, Iowa
Children: Lucy, Mary, Henry, Christian
2) Joseph Clapper
Children:  Sarah, George, Lenora
Died 16 Jan 1920 Thurman, Fremont, Iowa
Buried Thurman Cemetery
1860 US Census Ross, Fremont, Iowa (with Henry)
1900 US Census Sappa, Harlan, Nebraska (with Joseph)
1910 US Census Sydney, Fremont, Iowa
Pioneer Immigrant to Utah Territory
Early Members of the Reorganized LDS church
Note: not a member of the main stream LDS church.
Iowa Cemetery Records
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George's headstone
George Ettleman
Born 3 September 1833 Madison, Stark, Ohio
Married Catherine Houston 17 Feb 1859  Box Elder, Utah
Children: George, Isabel, Henry, John, Harvey
Died 2 August 1912 Holt, Gage, Nebraska
Buried Trussell Cemetery, Holt, Nebraska
1856 Utah State Census, Box Elder County
1860 US Census
1870 US Census
1880 US Census
1900 US Census
1910 US Census
Mormon Pioneer Overland Trail
Pioneer Immigrants to Utah Territory
Family Search

Susan Ettleman
Born 10 Nov 1836 Ray, Missouri
Alternate date:  8 Oct 1836
Married Christian Clapper  02 Mar 1856 Ray, Missouri
Children:  Clarissa, Christian, Laura, Katherine, Lavina, Hiram
Died 13 Mar 1919 Thurman, Fremont, Iowa, United States
Buried Thurman Cemetery
1900 Green Township, Fremont, Iowa, United States
1910 Green, Fremont, Iowa, United States
Family Search
Mary Ellen Ettleman Watkins
Mary Ellen Ettleman
Born 3 Feb 1840 Quincy, Adams, Illinois
Married Joseph Hilliard Watkins 20 Dec 1857 London, England
Joseph and Mary's headstone
Children: Joseph, Margaret, Emma, Eudora, Hyrum, Lucy, Jeanette, Perry, Jesse, Blanch, Ross (adopted)
Died 2 June 1925 Woodbine, Harrison, Iowa, United States
Buried Neola Township Cemetery
Family Search
1880 Neola, Pottawatomie, Iowa, United States
1900 ED 157 Neola Township, Pottawatomie, Iowa, United States
1910 Neola,Pottawatomie, Iowa
Headstone and photo:

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