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Major Bryan Pendleton 1599-1680 Eleanor Price 1599-1688

Major Bryan Pendleton
Born 1599 England
Parents: Edward Pendleton Jr and unknown mother
Note:the connection between father and son is still unproven

Occupation:  Before the government of Maine was officially incorporated, Pendleton served as acting Governor of the territory.  Brian first settled in Watertown, Litchfield County, Connecticut. He was made freeman in Watertown September 3, 1634 and was Deputy for six years to the General Court. He moved to Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts where he helped settle the town. He then removed to Ipswich, Issex County, Massachusetts and was a member of the famous artillery company of Boston. He later removed to Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire about 1651 and was Deputy there for 5 years. Even later he removed to Winter Harbor, Saco, Hancock County, Maine where he purchased 200 acres of land. Finally he was summoned back to organize a court in Portsmouth where he died. He was a very prominent civil and military man holding many offices.
Married Eleanor Price 22 Apr 1619 England
Note: If this date is true, then their firstborn was a month premature
Died 1680 Winter Harbor, Maine
Book: Brian Pendleton and his descendants 1599-1910 compiled by Everett Hall Pendleton 1911
Title of Captain: History of Saco and Biddeford, Maine by George Folsom page 101
Title of Major: History of Saco and Biddeford, Maine by George Folsom page 109, 142
More about his life: same book pages 110, 165-167

Eleanor Price
Christened 22 Apr 1599 St Martins, Birmingham, Warwick, England
Parents: Richard Price and Elizabeth Cromwell
Died 1688 Maine
Ancestral File


Nicholas Pendleton
Christened 4 Dec 1619 St Martin, Birmingham, Warwick, England
Note: His father's name is spelled Bryen in the record
Christening: IGI Film 0097316 Batch P010721 dated 1555-1708
Ancestral File
Joseph Pendleton
Born abt 1624 England
Ancestral File
Captain James Pendleton
Born abt 1627 England
Married 1) Mary Palmer
Children: James, Mary, Hannah
2) Hannah Goodenow/Goodenough
Children: James, Bryan, Joseph, Edmund, Ann, Caleb, Sarah, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Patience
Died 29 Nov, 1709
Life notes:  Admitted freeman at Watertown, Mass., 10 May 1648, (age 44)
21 Oct 1650, sold to George Parkhurst, "Same towne" five or six acres known as "crocked meadow" (Middlesex Co., Mass., Deeds, I, 17).
Moved to Sudbury, Mass., where he served on a coroner's jury in May, 1654.
Portsmouth:  selectman, 1663 to 1668; town clerk, 1663 and 1664; commissioner 1667 to 1671
Captain of the Portsmouth milita 1666 until 1674, his last year in Portsmouth.
He owned property on the Great Island and continued in business after his father moved to Winter Harbor (Saco), Maine, in 1665.
1671, James disposes of Portsmouth property/vicinity and sold land and buildings at Portsmouth to Thomas Thatcher.
25 Jan 1688, bought 1,000 acres of land, Westerly, from Nathaniel Lynde including Watch Hill. He sold a small part of this land and the rest he willed to his sons, Joseph, Edmund, and Caleb.

The will of James Pendleton, names second wife, Hannah, sons: Joseph, Edmund and Caleb, daughters Ann Borwn, Eleanor Pendleton and Dorothy Pendleton, "children by my present wife, Hannah," and daughters Mary and Hannah "had by my former wife."

No reference is made to his sons, James and Brian, named in their father's will in 1677, or to any heirs of these sons, so it appears they died without issue.

He moved to Stonington, Connecticut, being granted land, and also had some 700 acres of land given him by his father. Those 700 acres are in what is now Westerly, Rhode Island

James, a staunch Puritan, favored Connecticut over the more liberal Rhode Island, but he eventually lost that fight. He continued his business activities and was affluent enough to be referred to as "Esquire" and "Gentleman."

He was a selectman in both Stonington and Westerly, sold intoxicants, imported sugar from Barbados and had dealings with tobacco planters in Maryland. Dealing in liquor was not considered reprehensible in those days, and a man could engage in that business, as well as in politics, and still be a community leader and a pillar of the church.

About the time he moved to Stonington, the King Philip's War broke out, and Capt. James took part. He also may have participated in the great Narragansett fight. He was awarded land in Voluntown for his services during the war. He also obtained captive Indians whom he sold into slavery. Eventually, James obtained more property in Rhode Island, buying 1,000 acres at Watch Hill in Westerly. His Watch Hill home still stands.
Book: Brian Pendleton and his descendants 1599-1910 (pg 28, 30-38) by Everett Hall Pendleton published in 1911
Caleb Pendleton
Born abt 1630 England
Married Judith (unknown surname) abt 1662
Children: Caleb Note: he died 1 Oct 1662
Died Before 9 Aug 1677 Westerly, Rhode Island
Book: Brian Pendleton and his descendants 1599-1910 (pg 28, 38-39) by Everett Hall Pendleton (1911)
*Mary Pendleton
Born abt 1635 Long Island, Cumberland, Massachusetts
Married Reverend Seth Fletcher abt 1655
Children: Pendleton
Died1675 Biddeford, York, Maine
Book: Brian Pendleton and his descendants 1599-1910 (pg 29) by Everett Hall Pendleton (1911)
Ancestral File

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  1. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for this. My paternal grandmother is a Pendleton who is mentioned in the book by Everette Pendleton Hall. Her name is Annie Florence Schultz (Pendleton) born 1908.