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Major Pendleton Fletcher Sr 1657-1699 Sarah Hill 1661-1726

Major Pendleton Fletcher Sr
Born abt 1660 Biddeford, York, Maine
Note: There are many birthdates given for him ranging from 1655-1666
Parents: Reverend Seth Fletcher and Mary Pendleton
Married Sarah Hill 1680 Maine
Died 1697 Quebec, Canada
Note: He and two sons were captured by indians and he died in captivity
Story from History of Saco and Biddeford: 7 Aug 1697 The capture of Lieut. Fletcher, and his two sons, took place the same year; of which Dr. Mather gives the following account. "Three soldiers of Saco Fort cutting some firewood on Cow island for the use of the fort, were by the Indians cut off; while that Lieut. Fietcher with his two sons, that should have guarded them, went a fowling ;and by doing so they likewise fell into the snare. The Indians carrying these three captives down the river in one of their canoes, Lieut. Larrabee, who was abroad with a scout, waylaid them, and firing; on the foremost of the canoes that had three men (Indians) in it, they all three fell and sank in the river of death ; several were killed aboard the other canoes ; and the rest ran their canoes ashore and escaped on the other side of the river; and one of the Fletchers, when all the Indians with him were killed,was delivered out of the hands which had made a prisoner of him , though his poor father afterwards died among them."
History of Saco and Biddeford by George Folsom p 137, 177-179, 195-196, 200, 206, 226
Military rank: History of Saco and Biddeford by George Folsom p 142 "Mr. Pendleton, the associate from Saco, received the commission of Major of the forces in the County of York,
as the Province was again styled"

Sarah Hill
Born 7 Apr 1661 Saco, Maine
Parents Roger Hill and Mary Cross
Married 2) William Priest
3) Andrew Brown
Died 1726
Birth: Book: Volume 71 Early Vital Records of Saco and Biddeford Maine published by the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Boston, Mass.: NEHGS, 1917)

CHILDREN Note: There are some children in Ancestral File that could not possibly belong to this couple because their father was captured in 1697 and never seen again. The last possible year for children for this couple would be 1698 and that is only if Sarah was pregnant at the time he was captured.

*Pendleton Fletcher Jr
Born abt 1681 Biddeford,York, Maine
Married Hannah Powell
Note: He escaped from the indians that captured his father and brother. He was adopted by his maternal grandfather, Bryan Pendleton, after his father's death. He eventually inherited a vast amount of property from his grandfather.
Died abt 1746
Ancestral File
Mary Fletcher
Born abt 1683 Biddeford,York, Maine
Married 1) Joseph Sawyer
2) John Gibson
Ancestral File
Abigail Fletcher
Born abt 1685 Biddeford,York, Maine
Married Samuel Hatch 22 Aug 1713 Wells, York, Maine
Marriage mentioned: History of Saco and Biddeford by George Folsom p167
Marriage date: Ancestral File
Sarah Fletcher
Born abt 1688 Biddeford,York, Maine
Married Mathew Robinson of Winter Harbor 22 Jul 1716 Wells, York, Maine
Marriage mentioned: History of Saco and Biddeford by George Folsom p167
Marriage date: Ancestral File
James Fletcher
Born abt 1690 Biddeford,York, Maine
Ancestral File
History of Saco and Biddeford by George Folsom Note: I only put this as a source because it mentions that Pendleton and two sons were captured by the indians. The second son is never named in the book, only the son that escaped.

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