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Stephen Hopkins 1581-1644 Constance Dudley 1581-1613

Stephen Hopkins
Born Apr 1581 Upper Clatford, Hamp, England
Parents: Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth Williams
Occupation: Tanner, Merchant, Assistant Governor of Plymouth Colony through 1636
Married 1) Constance Mary Dudley 9 May 1599 Whitechapel, London, England
Note: This marriage lacks evidence - other than the name of their second child
2) Elizabeth Fisher 19 Feb 1618 St Mary, Whitechapel, London, England
Died: Jun 1644
Note: his will is available online
Online: Stephen's will: The Plymouth Colony Archive Project
Online: Wikipedia
Other sources I found but haven't looked at yet
Book: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Six, Third Edition, Stephen Hopkins
The American Genealogist 73:161-171 “The True English Origins of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower”, July 1998 by Caleb Johnson
Book: Here Will I Die Ashore by Caleb Johnson (I did request my library purchase this)

Constance Mary Dudley
Born abt 1581
Died abt 1613 Hursley, Hamp, England
Ancestral File


Elizabeth Hopkins
Christened 13 Mar 1604 Hursley, Hamp, England
Note: her name is in old form (Elizabetha Hopkyns) in the record
Died 1615 England
Christening: IGI Film 1041207 Batch C136631 dated 1599-1774
Ancestral File
Constance Hopkins
Christened 11 May 1606 Hursley, Hamp, England
Note: Her name is in old form (Constancia Hopkyns) in the record
Married Nicholas Snow 22 May 1627 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Children: Mark, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Stephen, John, Elizabeth, Jabez, Ruth, Constance, two more unnamed babies that died young
Died Oct 1677 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
SourcesChristening: IGI Film 1041207 Batch C136631 dated 1599-1774
Ancestral File
*Giles Hopkins
Christened 30 Jan 1607 Hursley, Hamp, England
Note: His name is in old form (Egidinus Hopkyns) in the record
Married Katherine Whelden 9 Oct 1639
Children Mary, Stephen, John, Abigail, Deborah, Caleb, Ruth, Joshua, William, Elizabeth
Died 16 Apr 1689 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Note: His made his will in January
Christening: IGI Film 1041207 Batch C136631 dated 1599-1774
Online: His will: The Plymouth Colony Archive Project
Ancestral File
Other sources listed online that I have not looked at
Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: immigrants to New England 1620-1633, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1995, Three volumes
Charles G Knopf, “Descendants of Stephen Hopkins,” March 1998.
Josiah Paine, “Early Settlers of Eastham,” Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy, 33 and 34 (1916), 63 pages.


Damaris Hopkins
Born 1618
Ancestral File
Oceanus Hopkins
Born 16 Sep 1620 aboard the ship Mayflower, Atlantic Ocean
Died 22 Sep 1627 Massachusetts
Ancestral File
Caleb Hopkins
Christened 1623 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Never married
Died 3 Apr 1651 Barbados Islands
Ancestral File
Deborah Hopkins
Christened 1624 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Andrew Ring 23 Apr 1646 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Children: Elizabeth, William, Eleazar, Mary, Deborah, Susannah
Died 1674
Ancestral File
Damaris Hopkins
Christened 1628 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Jacob Cooke abt 1646 Massachusetts
Children: Elizabeth, Caleb, Jacob, Mary, Martha, Francis, Ruth
Died 18 Nov 1669 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Ancestral File
Ruth Hopkins
Christened 1630 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Died after 1644 and before 3 Apr 1651
Ancestral File
Elizabeth Hopkins
Born 1632 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Ancestral File

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  1. I have finally tied my heritage to Stephen Hopkins (Half 1st cousin 10X removed) after ten years of searching. It doesn't put a penny in my pocket nor a halo over my head, but I do have a sense of accomplishment. I am thankful to all who have posted their research material and book suggestions.
    Richard Hopkins