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William Ring 1585 Mary Durant 1590-1637

William Ring
Born abt 1580 Houghton, Lancaster, England
Birth note: Extracted christening records in Pettistree do have a 'Willus Ryng' christened in 1599 with parents Willmi and Finaetae, but if the marriage date to Mary Durant is true (1601) this nullifies William being from Pettistree
Occupation: Say-weaver at Leyden, Holland, before the Separatists (Pilgrims) sailed for America
Note: Fairchild’s Dictionary of Textiles (7th edition) gives the following information on ‘say’ (saye or saie) An obsolete fabric widely used from the 12th to 19th centuries. During the 12th and 13th centuries, it was a relatively fine, lightweight, high quality wool fabric similar to serge. About the 16th century, it was also made of silk.
Married Mary Durant 21 May 1601 Ufford, Suffolk, England
Died Leiden, Holland, Netherlands
Notes: He was guaranteed by William Bradford and Alex Price on June 7, 1619 (Guaranteed meant vouched for and sworn in). The Mary Ring who witnessed a wedding at Leyden in 1614, was probably his wife. When the 'Speedwell' sailed from Delfthaven on June 22, 1620, William was aboard. At Dartmouth, on August 17th, after leaks forced the ship into port, agent Robert Cushman wrote that, "Poor William Ring and myself do strive who shall be meat for the fishes but we look for a glorious resurection." When the 'Mayflower' set out alone on September 6th, neither William nor Mary were aboard.
Online: (for definition of say-weaver)
Online: Notes came from Family Treemaker
Ancestral File
Mary Durant
Born 1584 England
Unknown parents so this is the end of this line
Note: Mary was a resident of Plymouth Colony by October 28, 1633, when she made out her will with bequests to children Elizabeth and Andrew.
Died 19 Jul 1631 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Her will:
I Mary Ring being in body but in prfect memory thanks be to God, doe make this my last will & Test. in manner & forme as followeth. ffirst I bequeath my soul to God that gave it me & my body to the eart from whence it was taken. Next my will is that such goods as God hath given I give also. I give unto Andrew my sonne all my brasse and pewter. I give unto my son Andrew my new bed & bolster wth the ffether to put in it weh I have ready. Item, I give to my son Andrew two white blankets, one red blanket wth the best Coverlet weh lieth upon my bed & the curtaines. Item, I give unto my sonne Andrew three pre of my best sheets & two paire of my best pillow beeres. It. I give also to him one hyapr tablecloath & one dyapr towall & halfe a dozen of napkins. It. I give unto him all my wollen cloath unmade except one peece of red weh my will is that my daughter Susan shall have as much as will make a bearing
Notes: Online - Family Treemaker
Her will: online
Ancestral File
Sources I found listed online (which I have not seen for myself)
Book: "The Widow Mary Ring, of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Her Children" by John Insley Coddington; 42:198 in The American Genealogist, Oct 1966
"Plymouth Colony: It's History and People 1620-1691" by Eugene Aubrey Stratton


*Elizabeth Ring
Christened 23 Jan 1602 Ufford, Suffolk, England
Married 1) Stephen Deane abt 1629
2) Josiah Cooke 16 Sep 1635 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Children: Anna, Bethia, Josiah, Micajah
Died 28 Dec 1687 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Christening: IGI Film 0496781 Batch P013781 dated 1555-1614
Ancestral File
Susanna Ring
Born 1609 England
Married Thomas Clark abt 1626
Children: Nathaniel, John, Andrew, William, Susannah, James
Died 1663
Ancestral File
Andrew Ring
Born 1618 Leiden, Holland, Netherlands
Married Deborah Hopkins 23 Apr 1646 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Children: Elizabeth, William,Eleazar, Mary, Deborah, Susannah
Ancestral File

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