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Joseph Ebbett 1814 Rachel Hutchinson 1818

Joseph Ebbett
Born 1823 Canning, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada
Parents Joseph Ebbett and Martha Turney
Married 1) Rachel Hutchinson 1 Dec 1836 Wicklow, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada
2) Sarah Harmon abt 1849
1861 Census for Peel, Carleton, New Brunswick page 23 (38y)
1871 Census for Gagetown, Queens, New Brunswick page 65 (48y)
1881 Census for Gagetown, Queens, New Brunswick page 17 (58y)
1891 Census for Gagetown, Queens, New Brunswick (68y)
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Rachel Hutchinson
Born 14 Dec 1818 New Brunswick, Canada
Parents: John Smith Hutchinson and Sichy Vandine
Died 3 Jan 1848 Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada
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CHILDREN with Rachel

Martha Ebbett
Born 1842 Canada
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*Mary Ebbett
Born 28 Jul 1847 Wicklow, New Brunswick, Canada
Married Ralph K Giberson 4 Sep 1864 Bridgewater, Aroostook, Maine
Died 24 Sep 1927 New Brunswick, Canada
Book: John Giberson Loyalist by WFWaugh, 1999, page 34
1851 Census of Wicklow - she was listed as Mary Abbott, age 4, and living in her grandparents (John Hutchinsons) household
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CHILDREN with Sarah

Thomas W Ebbett
Born June 1850 Canada
Married Emmeline Gray abt 1870
Children:  none
Died 22 Nov 1908
1880 US Census for Houldon, Aroostook, Maine

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