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Thomas Pilley 1665-1740 Mary Hill 1667-1738

Thomas Pilley
Christened 11 Feb 1665 Wentworth, York, England
Parents Thomas Pilley and Mary (unknown surname)
To see him with his parents: http://upperlevelgen.blogspot.com/2011/12/thomas-pilley-1635-1710-mary-1638.html
Married 14 May 1696 Holy Trinity, Wentworth, York, England
Buried 29 May 1740 Wentworth, York, England

The Will of Thomas Pilley
FHL-ENG #099708, p.400
Thorpe 15th May 1740

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Pilley of Thorpe Senior in the parish of Wath Constablory of Wentworth and County of York Yeoman being at this present time in perfect sense and memory declare this to be my last will and testament dated 15th day of May 1740 and in the twelfth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the second Imprimis my will and mind is for my son Thomas Pilley and my son John Pilley to be joint executors to all the lease and also for the quarry and stock that now remains upon the premisses Item it is my will and Testament that my son John Pilley shall have twenty pounds paid him within six months after my decease without breaking into my stock which sum is designed to be paid by Mr. Bingley of Bolton Item it is my Will and Testament that my son Thomas Pilleys children having four now living called by the names following Mary Pilley John Pilley Michael Pilley and Samuel Pilley each of them to have six pounds and five shillings apiece paid out of the administration money within twelve months after my decease and if any of the four children should dye before the time of payment that the surviving children shall have the shares of the children deceased equally devided amongst them Item it is my Will and Testament that my Grandson Thomas Day shall have ten pounds paid him by my executors out of my stock within twelve months after my decease and my daughter Mary Day is to have five pounds paid her by my executors twelve months after my decease out of my stock -
Thomas Pilley his mark - signed and sealed in the presence of us Matt: Northall John Billam Alice Blith her mark - this Will passed the seal the 25th May 1741 
Mary Hill
Christened 12 May 1667 Wentworth, York, England
Parents Alexander Hill and unknown mother
Buried 10 Sep 1738 Wentworth, York, England


*Thomas Pilley
Christened: 6 Feb 1696 Wentworth, York, England
Buried: 17 Nov 1748 Wentworth, York, England
Married Susannah Stephenson 11 Aug 1726 Doncaster, York, England
Children:  Mary, Thomas, John, John, Michael, Anne, Samuel, Thomas
Michael Pilley
Christened: 27 Oct 1698, Wentworth, York, England
Died by 1740 according to his father's will
Sarah Pilley
Christened: 25 Apr 1701, Wentworth, York, England
Buried: 6 Jul 1702, Wentworth, York, England
John Pilley
Christened: 7 Aug 1703, Wentworth, York, England
Buried: 1 Nov 1781, Wentworth, York, England
Mary Pilley
Christened: 11 Apr 1706, Wentworth, York, Eng
Married Francis Dey 29 Apr 1733, Wentworth, York, England
Children: Thomas, John
Marriage:  England Marriages 1538-1973 Batch M10802-2 Film 919382

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