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Ephraim Grover 1706-1796 Jemima Newland 1708-1792

Ephraim Grover
Born 27 May 1706 Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Parents: Ephraim Grover and Mary Pratt
Married Jemima Newland 25 Jul 1728 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Note:  Preachers name was Joseph Avery
Died 24 Dec 1796 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Birth and Death: IGI Film 0904373 Batch C500042 dated 1703-1840
Birth, Marriage, and Death:  Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Jemima Newland
Abt 1708 Norton, Massachusetts
Parents: Benjamin Newland and Sarah Leonard
Died 6 Apr 1792


Jemima Grover
Born 17 May 1729 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married James Skinner 21 Dec 1749 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Children:  Joseph, James, Jemima, Isaac, Mary, Anne
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Mercy Grover
Born 22 Feb 1732 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married Jonathan White 6 Dec 1769 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Children:  Dorinda, Mercy (Mary)
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Abigail Grover
Born 8 Apr 1733 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married William Fisher 19 July 1754 Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death: 22 April 1793 Massachusetts
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Rebecca Grover
Born 18 Jun 1735 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married David Grover 15 May 1755 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Note:  Preacher was Ebeneezer White
Children: David, Jesse, Isaac, Lemuel, Joseph, Araunah?, Luther
Died 19 Jun 1809 Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Marriage:  Massachusetts Town and Vital Records page 114
*Ephraim Grover
Born 1 Apr 1738 Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married Mercy Tiffany 15 Nov 1764 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Note:  the preacher was Roland Green
Children: Mercy, Ephraim, Zina, William, Simeon, Zelotes, Azubah, Hosea
Died 30 Dec 1793 Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Phebe Grover
Born 29 Mar 1740 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married Lieutenant David Skinner 1 Mar 1764 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Children:  David, Phoebe, Hezekiah, Zebediah, Jared, Lucinda, John, Sarah
Died 11 Jun 1825
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Anne Grover
Born 6 Apr 1743 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married Elisha Thayer 12 Jan 1763 Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Children: Anna, Ebenezer, Susannah, Isaac, Zenas, Lois, Jacob, Archephas, Abigail, Rachel, David, Jonathan, Sylvia
Death:  18 Nov 1806
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records
Sarah Grover
Born 17 Feb 1746 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Married Ebenezer White 25 Jun 1766 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Note: I'm not sure about this marriage. There appears to be two possible husbands within a year of each other. This is not completely unbelievable, but deserves more research. If you have more, please share.
Massachusetts Town and Vital Records

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