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Thomas Orcutt 1677 Jane Emerson 1679

For deeply researched/sourced information about this family line please go to this site:
Note:  this link no longer works, but I'm leaving it as a source I had used.  If anyone knows if there is a new site for this family, I would like to know.  I found another: which looks like it takes the family back and has a LOT of sourced information.

Thomas Orcutt
Christened 2 Oct 1677 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Note: IGI didn't give a date, but the above online address did, adding a disclaimer that the page was torn and so the date could have a double digit
Parents William Orcutt
Married Jane Emerson 29 Jun 1703 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Christening: IGI Film 0014791,0496902 IT1 Batch C501321 and the above online address
Marriage: History of the Town of Hingham, MA, The Genealogies, vol. II, by George Lincoln, p. 100
Ancestral File

Jane Emerson
Born Abt 1679
Parents Joseph Emerson and Mary (unknown surname)
Ancestral File


Born 18 Dec 1704 Higham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Moses Pratt 5 Oct 1732 Cohasset, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ancestral File
Thomas (Jr)
Born 3 Jul 1707 Cohasset, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married 1)Thankful Jenkins 17 Jan 1733
Children: Edward, Seth, James, Luke, Rueben, Martha, Olive
Note: I have found records for all children except Luke and Rueben in Cohasset. There is a big space between James and Martha so Luke and Rueben probably are part of this family, but I would like documentation. If you have some, please share
2) (Widow) Margaret Ray Sutton 15 May 1744
Died 1764
SourcesAncestral File
Born 11 Feb 1710 Cohasset, Plymouth, Masschusetts
Married Luke Roberts 3 Nov 1737 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
SourcesMarriage: IGI Film 0928191 IT2 Batch M502203 dated 1695-1751
Ancestral File
Born 1 Aug 1713 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Mary Gardner 3 Apr 1735
Children: Baby boy Orcutt, Elijah, Hannah, Mary, Emerson, Jane, David, Mary
Ancestral File
Born 21 Feb 1717 Higham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married: Never married
Died 31 Jan 1736
SourcesAncestral File
Born 31 Dec 1720 Higham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Sarah abt 1749
SourcesAncestral File


  1. Do you know anything about Thomas Orcutt's grandson James Orcutt? I would like to know more information about his wife Clarissa, but I may have her name wrong.

  2. This is actually my husband's line. All I have is the link at the top of the page and the information I already typed in. Sorry. Anyone else out there with the information this person is looking for? Please share.

  3. The link no longer works, but thank you for the information here!

    1. Here is another link