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Rene Chastain Hudnall and Sarah Best Taylor

Rene Chastain Hudnall
Parents James Hudnall Jr and Rhoda Chastain
Born 1799 Buckingham County, Virginia
Married 1) Sarah Best Taylor 6 Jun 1821 Warren County, Kentucky
Note:  His given name is spelled Rennt on the record
2) Leah Carroll 3 Mar 1844 Kentucky
Children: Catherine, Louisa, Virginia, James
Died 1871 Hadley, Kentucky
Buried Hudnall Cemetery, Warren, Kentucky
1850 US Census Warren County, Kentucky, page (age 51, with Leah)
Note:  Spells name Ren and claims birth place Tennessee
1860 US Census Warren County, Kentucky, page 111 (age 61)
Note:  name spelled Wren
1870 US Census Warren County, Kentucky page 23 (age 70, living with Allen Cherry family)
Marriage to Sarah and Leah:

Sarah Best (Sally) Taylor
Parents: Joseph Taylor and Sarah Best

Born 5 Jan 1800 Edgecombe County, North CarolinaDied 16 Jan 1838 Kentucky
Buried Hudnall Cemetery, Warren, Kentucky
Marriage to Rene: Warren County Marriage Records book A page 107



James Irvin Hudnall
Born 1821 Warren County, Kentucky
1850:  Hatter
1860:  Attorney 
1870:  Retail Merchant
Military (volunteer):  Civil War (Union) 
Note:  Captain 4th Regiment, Company D, Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Hu-Kel
Married Nancy Stewart abt 1839 Kentucky
Children: James, Hester, William, Millard S, Sallie, Ephraim, Annie
Died 18 November 1885 
United States Civil War Soldiers Index
1850 US Census Franklin, Clermont, Ohio (age 28)
1860 US Census Pendleton, Kentucky (age 38)
1870 US Census Kentucky page 11 (age 48)
Hester's birth:
William's birth:
Family Search
Nancy Hudnall
Born 10 Sep 1822 Warren County, Kentucky
Married James William Milligan 8 Aug 1842 Warren County, Kentucky
Children: Christopher, James, George, Sarah, John, Missouri, MaryAnn, Charles
Died 16 Jun 1904 Warren County, Kentucky
Buried Milligan Cemetery, Glenmore, Warren, Kentucky
1860 US Census Warren County, Kentucky page 59 (age 38)
1880 US Census Green Castle, Warren, Kentucky, page 180C (age 56)
1900 US Census Green Castle, Warren, Kentucky (age 78, widowed, living with son Christopher)
Elizabeth Jane Hudnall
Born 20 Apr 1824 Warren County, Kentucky
Married John Jackson Maxey 1843 Kentucky
Children:  Willie (female)
Died 5 Oct 1891 Guy, Warren, Kentucky
Buried Maxey Cemetery, Guy, Warren, Kentucky
Note:  requested a pic of headstone - have not heard as of 2017
1860 US Census Warren County, Kentucky page 101 (age 35)
1880 US Census Kentucky (age 56)
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Eliza Doolen and Joseph Allen Hudnall
Joseph Allen Hudnall
Born  Mar 1826 Warren County, Kentucky
Occupation (1880) Farmer
Married 1) Elizabeth Jane Doolen 24 Oct 1849 Warren, Kentucky
Children: Sarah, Frances
2) Anne Catherine House Taylor 16 Aug 1899 Ohio County, Kentucky
Note:  her name is abbreviated A.C. in record, she is 58 and he's 73
Died 19 Feb 1927 Ohio County, Kentucky
1860 US Census Kentucky, page 88 (age 34)
1870 US Census Kentucky (age 43)
1880 US Census Rockport, Ohio, Kentucky page 536D  (age 53)
1900 US Census Coolsprings, Ohio, Kentucky (age 74, with Annie)
1920 US Census Coolsprings, Ohio, Kentucky (age 93, with Annie)
Marriage to Anne:  Kentucky Marriages V 12 page 217
Picture and Memorial:
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Irven Hudnall
*Not sure this child exists - it may just be James*
Born 1827 Warren County, Kentucky
Married ?
William C Hudnall
Born 1829 Warren County, Kentucky
Millitary:  Mexican War
Occupation:  (1880) Millwright
Married 1) Louisa Brewer 24 Apr 1854 Davidson, Tennessee
Children: William, George, Laura, Edward, Eugene, Zoa
2) Mary Ellen Bosworth 12 Jul 1886 Davidson, Tennessee
Children:  Ira, Etta, Grace, Oakley
OBITUARY for Mary Ellen
HUDNALL - Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, June 25, 1916, at her residence, 1208 Boscobel street, Mrs. Mary Ellen Hudnall, widow of the late William C. Hudnall, aged 61 years, survived by the following children: Louis R. Ryman of this city, and Robert R. Ryman of Jerome, Ark.; Ira C., Etta Pearl and Oakley M. Hudnall and Mrs. Gerald Hunt, all of this city. Funeral from Lockeland Baptist churce this (Tuesday) afternoon at 2 o'clock, June 27. Services conducted by Rev. J.E. Skinner. Interment at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The following deacons of the church are requested to serve as pallbearers: Charles Q. Stephens, W.R. Hamilton, Fred Gray, Lewis M. Hitt, T.W. Phillips, R. M. Dudley, W. T. Vantrease and Ellis Brown. Carriages from Wilkerson Company.
Source: Nashville Tennessean, June 27, 1916, p. 2)
Died 4 Oct 1908 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee
Buried Springhill Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee Plot 9
Note: have requested a photo of his grave
Marriage to Louisa: Tennessee Marriages Batch M00274-8
1850 US Census Warren County, Kentucky (age 21, living with Aunt Charlotte)
United States Mexican War Pension Files 1908
1880 US Census Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee page 384C (age 50)
Note:  no marker for the grave
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Mary Jane Hudnall
Born 1831 Warren County, Kentucky
Married David Anderson Young 14 Nov 1848 Warren County, Kentucky
Children: Sarah
Marriage:  Kentucky Marriages Batch M01638-1 page 313
Mentioned here:
Family Search
Sarah Frances Hudnall
*Not sure this child exists*
Born 1832 Kentucky
Died 1909
Memorial: (link is broken - maybe because the child doesn't exist)
Isham Charles Hudnall
Born 1833 Warren County, Kentucky
Occupation:  (1870) Farmer
Military:  Civil War, Private, Company F, 11th Kansas Cavalry (Union)
Married 1) Sarah Risen 11 Sep 1858 Anderson County, Kansas Territory 
Children: Sarah, Charles, Flora, Jonathan
2) Sarah Catherine Allen 17 Apr 1870 Garnett, Anderson, Kansas (age 35)
3) Margaret S Dustin 11 Nov 1874 Garnett, Anderson, Kansas (age 38)
Died Sep 1876 Kansas
Buried Judy Cemetery, Garnett, Anderson, Kansas
Marriage to Sarah Risen: Kansas Marriages Batch M00289-0 A-11
Note:  married under his initials instead of given and middle names
Marriage to Sarah Allen: Kansas Marriages Batch M00289-0  A-47
Note:  Married under his initials instead of his given and middle names
Marriage to Margaret: Kansas Marriages Batch M00289-0  A-167
Note: Initials incorrectly extracted as O.C. 
Military:  United States Civil War Soldiers Index
1850 US Census Warren County, Kentucky (age 17, living with his Aunt Elizabeth Taylor Goode's family
1870 US Census Monroe, Anderson, Kansas (age 35, with Sarah Catherine and his children from first wife)
Note:  His name was extracted as Ira, but I think it looks like Isa.
Family Search
Polly Ann Hudnall
Born 15 Apr 1835 Warren County, Kentucky
Married 1) William Hack 14 Jan 1851 Warren County, Kentucky
Children: Nancy, Sarah, James, Julia, Laura, John, Henry, Frances
2) Harvey Farthing 24 Aug 1879 Nebo, Pike Illinois (age 42)
Children: Thomas
Died 3 Dec 1905 Nebo, Pike, Illinois
Buried Time Cemetery, Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois
1860 US Census Warren County, Kentucky (age 24)
Marriage to Harvey:  Illinois County Marriages 1810-1934 page 39
1880 US Census Spring Creek, Pike, Illinois (age 44)
1900 US Census Pike County, Illinois (Widowed, mother of 8 children 7 living)
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Augustin Rule Colvin and Sidnia
Added by Sandra Ellington-Freeman
on findagrave
Sidnia Ann Hudnall
Born 28 Feb 1837 Warren County, Kentucky
Married 1) James Otey Cherry 24 Sep 1856 Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky 
Note: Divorced, no children
2) Augustin Rule Colvin 5 Feb 1861 Warren County, Kentucky
Children: Augustine Davis, Malinda, Sallie, Nancy, Mary, James, George, Carrie
Died 3 Oct 1911 
Buried Strasburg Cemetery, Strasburg, Cass, Missouri
1850 US Census Warren, Kentucky (age 12, with her uncle Joseph Taylor's family)
Marriage to James: Kentucky Marriages Batch M01638-2 
Note:  her name spelled Cidney 
1870 US Census Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky (age 33)
Note:  given name spelled Sidny 
1880 US Census Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky (age 43)
Note:  given name spelled Sidney 
1900 US Census Polk, Cass, Missouri (age 62)
Note:  gives birth month as June
1910 US Census Polk, Cass, Missouri (age 73)
Note:  name given as Sylvia
Picture and Headstone:
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CHILDREN with second wife, Leah Carroll

Catherine Hudnall 
Birth: 16 April 1845 Warren, Kentucky
Marriage John P. Stewart 3 June 1863 Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky
Death 20 June 1920 Butler, Kentucky
COD:  Chronic Nephritis (kidneys failed) and old age
Buried 22 June 1920 Morgantown Cemetery, Morgantown, Butler, Kentucky
1850 US Census Warren, Kentucky
1860 US Census Warren, Kentucky
Kentucky Marriages
Death Certificate
Louisa Ellen C Hudnall
Born:  20 September 1846 Kentucky
Married:  James Webb 31 August 1871 Warren, Kentucky
Children: Ella, Mary, Georgianna, Burrel
Died 18 September 1910 Warren, Kentucky
Buried:  Barren River Road Cemetery, Kentucky
1850 US Census Warren, Kentucky
1860 US Census Warren, Kentucky
Family Search

Virginia T. Hudnall
Born about 1848 Kentucky
1850 US Census Warren, Kentucky
1860 US Census Warren, Kentucky
Family Search
Death Certificate
James Brown Hudnall
Born 19 February 1849 Warren, Kentucky
Occupation:  1880:  Farmer
Married Mary Susan Travis about 1874 Kentucky
Children: John, Charles, Jennie, Clarence, Dovie, Ida, Mary, Anna, James
Died 25 December 1924 Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Buried Grove Hill Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas, Texas
1850 US Census Warren, Kentucky
1860 US Census Warren, Kentucky
1880 US Census Hadley, Warren, Kentucky (age 31)
1900 US Census Dallas, Dallas, Texas (age 50)
1910 US Census Dallas, Dallas, Texas (age 60)
1920 US Census Dallas, Dallas, Texas (age 70)
Texas Deaths

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