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Reverend George Burroughs

Reverend George Burroughs
Parents: Nathaniel Burroughs and Rebecca Style
Born abt 1654 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Education:  Harvard - receiving an A.B. degree 1670
Occupation:  1674 and 1683-1690 Minister of Falmouth (now Portland) Maine
Ordained to Preach 25 Nov 1680 Danvers, Massachusetts
1680 Minister in Salem Village (hired at 60 pounds a year)
He had land in 1688 in York county that in 1735 was sold by his heirs
Married 1) Hannah (unknown surname) Roxbury, Falmouth, Maine
Note:  she died Sep 1681 Salem Village, Massachusetts
2) Sarah Ruck by 1683  (widow of Captain William Hawthorne)
Note:  Sarah died by 1690 since he married Mary and they had time to have a daughter before he was hung
3) Mary by 1692 Massachusetts
Died 19 Aug 1692 Gallows Hill, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Buried Burying Point Cemetery, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Reverend George Burroughs headstone
First two marriages and birth year:  New England Marriages prior to 1700, By Torrey and Lently  page 123
Tales of Our Ancestors Vol #1 page 89 written by Eileen Hacking
If you would like to purchase a book about his ancestry:


Hannah (unknown surname)
Parents: unknown
Born abt 1652 Massachusetts
Died Sep 1681 Salem, Massachusetts
Buried Salem, Massachusetts
Sarah Ruck 
Parents: John Ruck and unknown
Born 12 Aug 1656
Married 1) William Hathorne Jr
Died by 1690 Massachusetts
Mary (unknown surname)
Parents: unknown
Born abt 1670
Married 2) Michael Homer 13 Jul 1693 Boston, Massachusetts
3) Christopher Hall Jr. 5 Feb 1700 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Marriage to Michael:  Massachusetts Marriages 1695-1910
Tales of Our Ancestors Vol #1 page 89 written by Eileen Hacking
Discussion about this family:
A PDF Document about George's wife's in particular:

CHILDREN (with Hannah)

Elizabeth Burroughs
Born abt 1671 Massachusetts
Married Peter Thomas Jr. 2 Nov 1704 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Note:  he was a cordwainer (he made rope)
Children: George, Peter, William, Elias, Moses, Elizabeth
Died after 1753
Buried Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Marriages 1695-1910 Batch 100899-3 Ref 122-123
Husband's occupation:  York Deeds, Book 27 page 823
Rebecca Burroughs Tolman headstone - I guess.
I can't really read what is written on the stone.
Rebecca Burroughs
Born abt 1673 Massachusetts
Married 1) Isaac Fowle 1 Dec 1698 Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Note:  he was a tailor
Children: Nathaniel, Rebecca, Henry 
2) Ebeneezer Tolman 18 Oct 1716 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Children:  Abigail
3)  John Tilestone
Note:  he was a mariner
Died after 1753
Marriage to Isaac: Massachusetts Marriages 1695-1910 Batch 101538-0 Ref v 3 page 391
Husband's occupation:  York Deeds, Book 27 page 823

Captain George Burroughs
Christened 21 Nov 1675 Roxbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Occupation;  Husbandman (farmer in Ipswich)
Married Sarah Scales 27 Feb 1713 Ipswich, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Children:  George, Sarah, Hannah
Died aft 1753
Massachusetts Marriages Batch M50210-1
Occupation and residence: York Deeds, Book 27 page 823
Jeremiah Burroughs
Born abt 1678 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Occupation:  Shipwright
Died after 1753
Note:  reported to be "insane" in the book mentioned below
Book:  A Contribution the History of Bath by Benedict Arnold, etc. (published 1831) page 176
Occupation: York Deeds, Book 27 page 823-825
Hannah Burroughs
Born 27 Apr 1680 Salisbury, Norfolk, Massachusetts
I'm not sure if this is her headstone or not 
Married Jabez Fox 8 Mar 1705 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Children:  Thomas, Hannah, Judith, Rebecca
Died 5 Aug 1746 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Note:  this death date cannot be correct.  She appeared in person 13 Jun 1753 in York county to claim her share of the money her father's land brought.  Her daughter Hannah married Thomas Roberts years earlier, so it can't be the daughter that claimed the money either.  
Buried First Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Marriages 1695-1910 Batch 100899-3 Ref 42-43
Birth:  Book:  Vital Records of Salisbury, Massachusetts

CHILDREN (with Sarah Ruck)

Charles Burroughs
Born abt 1684 Massachusetts
Occupation:  Shipwright
Married 1) Elizabeth Marston 3 Oct 1706 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Children:  Charles
2) Rebecca Townsend 11 Mar 1712 Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Children: Josiah, Hannah, Rebecca, Mary
Marriage to Elizabeth: Batch M01299-6 Ref V 4 page 17
Book:  Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire Vol 2 p 687
Occupation: York Deeds, Book 27 page 823
The letter he wrote stating he was the oldest son and wanted to claim the money due for the unjust hanging of his father:

CHILDREN (with Mary)

*Mary Burroughs
Born abt 1690 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Married Joseph Tiffany by 9 Jul 1735 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Note:  he was a husbandman (farmer)
Children:  William
Died after 1753
Husband's occupation: York Deeds, Book 27 page 823

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