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(Squire) Humphrey Tiffany and Elizabeth

Note:  Though the book "Tiffany's of America" was used as a source, it has many errors according to more reliable sources.  

(Squire) Humphrey Tiffany
Parents:  Henry Tiffany and Elizabeth
Born 4 Jun 1630 London, Middlesex, England
Note:  Christened the same day 
Military: American Revolution
Note:  Captain Stafford's Company of Volunteers marched 16 Jul 1777 and returned 30 Jul 1777.  Service 15 days.  Company ordered to march by Major General Schuyler to reinforced troops under Colonel Warner at Manchester.
Married Elizabeth abt 1661 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Occupation in England:  Justice of the Peace
Immigrated to British America abt 1660
Died 15 Jul 1685 On road between Swansea and Boston, Massachusetts
Note:  struck by lightning
Book:  Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island: Genealogical Records Vol 1 Published by J.H. Beers & Co. Chicago, 1908 pages 246, 248
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy  by Nelson Otis Tiffany, 1901
Military:  Book:  Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution Volume 15 pages 737 and 741.
His birth date:
More about him and his descendants:
Elizabeth (unknown surname)
Born 1640 Swansea, Massachusetts
Married 2) Mr. Ray after 1685
Died after 1685
Note:  she was the executrix of her husband's will in Oct of 1685
Buried Massachusetts
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy by Nelson Otis Tiffany, 1901
Plymouth Colony Records Vol 4 page 51-54


Ebenezer Tiffany
Born 1663 Rehoboth, Britstol, Massachusetts
Married Elizabeth (unknown surname)
Children: Ebenezer, Hezekiah, Catherine, Elizabeth, Eliezer, Ephraim, Seth, Sarah, William
Died 10 Feb 1747 Barrington, Rhode Island
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy page 135-139

*James Tiffany
Born 1666 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
21 Oct 1680:  Lived with the Reverend Peter Thacher who taught him to read and write
1790:  Moved from Swansea to Attleboro
Married 1) Bethia Eaton before 1687
Children:  Elizabeth, Joseph, James, Samuel, Benjamin, Anna, Rebecca, Sarah, Mary, Martha, Lydia, Bathsheba, John
2) Elizabeth Fuller bef 1714
Children: Jonathan, Keziah, Althea, Noah
Died Between June 28 and July 26 1732
Book: Milton Records -- Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1662-1843, Town of Milton, Massachusetts. Page 62 Published by Alfred Mudge & Son Printers. Boston, Massachusetts, 1900
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy pages 4-6
Book:  Tales of Our Ancestors by Eileen Hacking Lentz page 94
Thomas Tiffany
Born 11 Jun 1668 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Occupation:  Town Clerk of Ashford, Connecticut 1721-1748
Moved 1698 from Swansea to Rhode Island and then to Ashford, Connecticut
Married Hannah abt 1689 Swansea, Massachusetts
Children: Eliezer, Thomas, Recompense, Isaiah, Edward, Nathaniel
Died 7 Mar 1734 Ashford, Connecticut
The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1847-2011
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy pages 120-133
Hezekiah Tiffany
Born 18 Aug 1670 Swansea, Massachusetts

Died 4 Dec 1685 Swansea River, Swansea, Massachusetts
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy page 8
William Tiffany
Born 27 Feb 1672 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Married ?
Died 1694
Consider Tiffany
Born 14 Jun 1675 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Married  Abigail  Niles 1696 New Shoreham, Rhode Island
Children:  Elizabeth, Sarah, Nathan
Died 1708  Connecticut
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy pages 140-170
Ephraim Tiffany
Born 26 Dec 1677 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Married Bethia Tosh
Children: Samuel, Consider, Humphrey, Ephraim, Bethia, Mary, Ebenezer
Died 15 Jul 1727 Lyme, Connecticut
Genealogical Sketch of the Tiffany Family, By Ella F. Wright, 1904.  (Ella was one of his descendants)
Chronicles of a Connecticut Farm 1769-1905 (this is a document regarding Ephraim Tiffany's land after his death where a Samuel Tiffany is listed as "heir-at-law"  the land had a claim made against it by the Brown family upon Ephraim's death and Samuel had to pay 236 pounds).
Elizabeth Tiffany
Born 11 Apr 1680 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Married Supposedly Edward Paine, but highly doubtful.  The reported marriage between Elizabeth Tiffany and Edward Paine didn't reportedly take place until 1724 - which would place her in her mid forties and not end having children until her 80's - not possible unless you are in the Bible.  There has to be another Elizabeth Tiffany born among the next generation.
Sarah Tiffany
Born 6 Jul 1683 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Married ?
Book:  The Tiffany's of America:  History and Genealogy in the Introduction

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