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Sarah Jeffcott Pearson 1814-1883 Richard George Jones 1821-1902

Richard George Jones
Born 6 Jun 1821 England
Christened 5 May 1822 Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, England
Married 1) Sarah Pearson 21 Dec 1853 Aston Juxta Birmingham, Warwick, England
No children - she had 3 from her previous marriage to Joshua Pearson
Note: Sarah could not give Richard children and told him to take another wife. That is how Richard became a polygamist. 
2) Elizabeth Vesey Baker 30 Jan 1864 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children: Susannah, Violet, Oscar, Richard, Mary, Arthur, David, Margaret
Died: 12 Jan 1902 Roy, Weber, Utah
Buried:  Hooper, Weber, Utah (remains later moved?)
Birth/Christening: IGI Film 0198732-734 Batch P017351 dated 1695-1875
1870 US Census Bountiful, Davis, Utah page 36 (age 40 - should be 49)
1880 Census in Hooper, Weber, Utah page 522C (age 58)
Link to the information about the hot springs (which doesn't mention Richard, but does give dates that can verify the years he would have owned it: http://geoheat.oit.edu/bulletin/bull25-4/art3.pdf
A bit of history for Richard:
He bought the hot springs (currently the area is known as Beck Street) after disposing of several businesses he had in England. He made the springs into a swimming resort and later built a hotel on it. Eventually, through hard work and being possessed of a friendly disposition, the business was very successful and they entertained many travelers and many of the “elite” people in Salt Lake. In 1884 the land was sold to Mr. Beck.

Although it was her idea for Richard to have a second wife, she couldn’t stand the idea of him living with another woman so she stayed at the hot springs and Richard moved to Bountiful with Elizabeth. The children from his second marriage often visited Sarah whom they called their “hot springs Mama” The two families grew up to love and respect each other very much even to their deaths.

Sarah Jeffcott Pearson
Born 9 May 1814 Kingsbury, Warwick, England
Christened 29 May 1814 Harley Parish, Kingsbury, Warwick, England
Note: Her surname on the record is spelled Jefcot. There is no middle name.
Married 1) Joshua Pearson 3 Dec 1832 Old Swinford, Worcester, England
Children: Joshua, Elizabeth, Sarah
2) Richard George Jones 21 Dec 1853 Aston Juxta Birmingham, Warwick, England
Note: No middle name for Richard on the record.
Immigrated: 1859 on board ship named William Tapscott along with her 2nd husband Richard and two daughters from her 1st marriage
Emigrated: Jun 1859- Sep 1859 to Utah with the George Rowley Handcart Company
Note: The 8th handcart company had 235 individuals, 60 handcarts, and 8 wagons. It began its journey from the outfitting post at Florence, Nebraska (now Omaha).
Died 30 Apr 1883 Hooper, Davis, Utah
Buried Bountiful Memorial Park, Bountiful, Davis, Utah
Christening: IGI Film 0198735 Batch C021401 dated 1673-1834
Marriage to Richard: IGI Film 0919797-799 Batch M011684 dated 1832-1845

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