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Thomas Cosnight 1751 Elizabeth Collins 1757

Surname has MANY spellings:  Cosnight, Cossnet, Cosnite, Cosnit, Cossnitt, Cossnet, Cosnett

Note: I'm not 100% sure that these are the right people but the dates make them the best possibility right now - plus Birmingham is only 24 walking miles from Claines and from Claines to Worcester (where the children were born) is only 3 walking miles.

If they are correct, he'd be 31 she'd be 25 at time of marriage, so he may have been married before.

Of Concern: There are 3 years between 1st child and date of marriage and 7 years between the two children I was able to find. Perhaps they moved somewhere and returned or she had a hard time getting pregnant or the children died at birth etc.  

Thomas Cosnight
Christened 13 Jul 1751 St Phillips, Birmingham, Warwick, England
Note: his surname is spelled Cossnitt in record
Parents:  George Cosnight and Sarah (unknown surname)
Married Elizabeth Collins 19 Mar 1782 Claines, Worcester, England
Christening and parents: IGI Film 0813712 Batch C041791 dated 1748-1780
Marriage: IGI Film 0352032-034 dated 1740-1850

Elizabeth Collins
Christened 23 May 1757 Claines, Worcester, England
Parents: Thomas Collins and Betty
Note: given name is Betty in record (Betty is a nickname for Elizabeth)
Christening and Parents: IGI Film 0352032 Batch P021371 dated 1740-1784


*Elizabeth Cosnight
Christened 1 Apr 1785 St Clement, Worcester, Worcester, England
Married Edward Munn 8 Oct 1807 St Clement, Worcester, Worcester, England
Children: William, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth, Eli, Edward, Sophia, Edward, James, Anna, Henrietta, Frances, unnamed baby
Christened: IGI Film 0376937 Batch C022702 dated 1694-1790
Married: England Marriages 1538-1973 Film 376939 Batch M02770-1
Richard Cosnight
Christened 17 Dec 1792 St Clement, Worcester, Worcester, England
IGI Film 0376937 Batch C022701 dated 1790-1835

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