Sunday, August 30, 2009

George Mitchell 1698 Elizabeth Pennington 1700

George Mitchell
Born abt 1698 Ireland
Married Elizabeth Pennington 3 Nov 1722 Pennsylvania
Ancestral File

Elizabeth Pennington
Born 1700 Middletown, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Ancestral File


William Mitchell
Born 1722 Plumstead, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Married Elizabeth Harmer 25 Nov 1742 Abington, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Children:  Sarah, Ann, Elizbeth, William, George
From the book listed below in the sources:
William Mitchell became a landowner in Upper Buckingham, Bucks county, about 1740, and in
August, 1742, at his request was admitted as a member of Buckingham Friends' Meeting, and taking a certificate from that Meeting to Abington Meeting was married there in November of the same year to Elizabeth, daughter of George and Anne (Williams) Harmer, and granddaughter of William and Ruth Harmer, of Upper Dublin township, Philadelphia county
Died 24 Oct 1760 Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania Vol 2


  1. I am a decendent of George Mitchell, and am trying to track him down in Ireland. Do you have any other info?
    Please contact me at


  2. I am also a descendent! Does the line go back any further?

  3. Unfortunately, I have no other information (yet) on this line.

  4. I could be a relative of George Mitchell but I wonder if Eliz. Pennington died around 1726 because a George Mitchell married Elizabeth Bye in 1730- is this the same George, or different?
    I am related to a Joseph Mitchel who signed William Mitchell's will and bought land for his widow Elizabeth Harmer. Joseph could have been William's brother or cousin.
    William joined the society of Friends before he married Elizabeth Harmer, as Joseph Mitchell joined Abington Meeting just before marrying Mary Knight in 1949 (at her home Buckingham Meeting).

    1. Would love to know your sources. As to Elizabeth Bye, I've never heard the name until now. The Joseph you mentioned does sound like a relative and opens up a new road. Thank you for your comments.