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James Houston 1779-1841 Mary Ettleman 1786-1847

Note: This family was steeped in the early history of the LDS church. They suffered much and were given much. There is a lot of information out there available online but be careful because you need to pay attention to research (for example see my notes on Catherine).

James Houston
Born abt 1779 Franklin Co, Pennsylvania
Parents William Houston and Catherine Boyle
Married Mary Magdalena Ettleman 7 Sep 1813 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Buried Mormon Pioneer Cemetery, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska
Note:  No stone exists
Book:  LDS Biographical Encyclopedia Vol 1 page 800
His parents, wife, and children:

Group Headstone 
Mary Magdalena Ettleman
Christened 27 Aug 1786 Franconia Township, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Parents Jacob Frederick Ettleman and Chloe Ann Benner
Died 26 Mar 1847 Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska
Buried Mormon Pioneer Cemetery, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska Plot #116
Note: Remember her name appears as Mary Houston on the monument
COD:  Scurvy (poor nutrition)
Her personal plot:


Elizabeth Houston
Born 25 Feb 1814 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Married James McBee 27 Jan 1831 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Note:  married by George Roberts, Justice of the Peace
Children: Mary, John, Levi, Harriet, Caroline, Sarah, William
Died 6 Mar 1893 Missouri
Buried: McBee Chapel Cemetery, Carroll, Missouri
Ohio County Marriages 1789-1994 Film 897628 page 218
1850 US Census for Ray County, Ray, Missouri (age 35)
1880 US Census for Bates, Carroll, Missouri page 403C (age 66, widow, living with son, David)
John Houston
Born 17 May 1816 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Married Christiana Ettleman 15 Oct 1840 Adams, Illinois
Note:  his surname given as Huston in record
Children:  William, Catherine, Lucy, Mary, Wilson, John
Illinois County Marriages 1810-1934
Mary Houston
Born 11 Sep 1818 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Married: 1) Joseph Smith Jr 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Note: This marriage is debatable.
2) Heber Chase Kimball 3 Feb 1846   Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Note;  she was one of his 43 wives - they had no children)
Note: Some have recorded this as a proxy Temple marriage
Died 24 Dec 1896 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Buried 27 Dec 1896 Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake, Utah Plot A-8-75-E
Anne Houston
Born 8 May 1821 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Married Newel K Whitney 7 Jan 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Children: Jethro 
Note:  this is her ONLY child
Died 16 Nov 1848 Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska
Note: records are inconclusive about her final resting place.  The monument stone is in Salt Lake.
Buried: Kimball-Whitney Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Note:  Supposedly the first person to be buried in the private cemetery. What it does not say it if she died in Nebraska and her body brought to Salt Lake.
The Utah genealogical and historical magazine, Volumes 28-29 page 67
Sarah <i>Houston</i> Pratt
Sarah Houston
Born 3 Aug 1822 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Married 1) Parley Parker Pratt 15 Oct 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Children:  Julia, Mormon, Teancum, Sarah, David
2) A. Louis Taussig 15 Nov 1857 President's Office, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah (polygamy - 3rd wife)
Children:  Isabell, David, William
When Louis deserted them, Sarah took back the surname Pratt, and the two older children, Isabell and David, also took the Pratt name.
3) Culbert King  This is NOT her husband, but her son-in-law, married to her daughter Sarah (thank you Paul for pointing this out in the comments)
Died 22 May 1886 Coyote, Garfield, Utah (dropsy)
Buried Antimony Cemetery, Antimony, Garfield, Utah
Her obituary
A Hard Experience
Richfield, June 15, 1886
Editor Deseret News:
I send you a very brief sketch of the life of Sister Sarah Houston Pratt, who died at Coyote Creek, Grass Valley, Garfield County, May 26th 1886, which you will confer a favor by publishing.
She was the daughter of James and Mary Houston, born in Star County, Ohio, August 3d, 1823. When 9 years of age she became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and, with her parents, gathered with the Church and suffered in all the persecutions of that time.
In 1848 she was married to Apostle Parley P. Pratt, and in 1847, in company with her husband and the first company of Saints, started across the plains, traveling on foot, with her infant in her arms, most of the way. From that time until her demise she suffered many severe hardships; but in the hardest trials she trusted in the will of God. It may truly be said of her, “Thou hast come out of much tribulation.” Of late she has resided with her daughter, Mrs. Sarah E. King, at Grass Valley. She leaves 6 children and 30 grandchildren to mourn her departure.
[Deseret News, June 30, 1886]
[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, June 15, 1886, 4]
1870 US Census (age 47, working as domestic servant for the J. Smith family)
1880 US Census (age 56, occupation:  Spinning at home, living with Eugene and Wesley Pratt - supposedly children of hers)
Online: History of Parley Parker Pratt by Marie Dean Speakman
Patriarchal Blessing of Sarah Pratt
Obituary Deseret News, June 9, 1886

History of Sarah Houston Pratt and A. Lewis Taussig by Phil Cowley
“Research Report on Sarah Houston Pratt (Taussig)” by Angie M. Grigg.
Personal History of Sarah Huston Pratt Tausig by Gardner Cousins, Blane Gardner, 1983
* Susannah Houston
Born 11 Feb 1826 Jackson, Stark, Ohio
Married 1) Gideon Cooper Matlock 1848 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Children:  Alexander
2) Benjamin Thomas Trotter Mitchell 6 Mar 1857 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children:  Thomas, Edward, Erastus, Charles, Lehi, Nephi, Walter
Died 6 May 1900 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Buried 8 May 1900 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
1860 US Census for Utah, 15th ward, page 152 (age 34, called 'Susan')
1880 US Census for Utah (age 54, widow)
Catherine Houston
Born 12 Mar 1831 West Canton, Stark, Ohio
Traveled with the Willard Richard's Company to Utah Jul-Oct 1848
Married Horace Martin Alexander 15 Feb 1849 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Died 22 Mar 1900 Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah
Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Utah, Utah
Online: Mormon Pioneer Overland Trail 1847-1868
A short history written by Lucille H. Walker
Note: While the history from Lucille is fun to read, there are a few points I feel are important enough to bring up for they change relationships and timing.
1) Catherine became an orphan on 21 Mar 1847 when her mother died in Winter Quarters (see Winter Quarters Project website) so she was not an orphan when she first arrived there and likely traveled to Winter Quarters with her mother and maybe a married sister or two.
2) In the story, Catherine's sisters were listed as Mrs. Heber C. Kimball and Mrs. Henry Rollins. Anne, her sister, did marry Heber, but I the way I understood it, Mrs. Rollins was actually the sister of

Horace's first wife, Nancy Walker - see below.

Written and compiled in 1927 by his granddaughter, Lucille Walker, and displayed online at homeutah@edu: It explains how Catherine, much younger than Horace, came to be his 2nd wife:
"...with Nancy (Horace's 1st wife) during her illness was my grandmother, Catherine Houston, then an orphan girl of fifteen years. After the children went to live with Nancy's sister, Mrs. Henry Rollins. Catherine was taken along too, to take care of the children who loved her. Together they crossed the plains.
Grandfather received word that his children, with one of the Parley Pratt Companies was well on its way to the Valley. (NOTE: Catherine traveled at the age of 16 with the Willard Richards company which left 3 Jul 1848 and arrived in Salt Lake in mid October 1848) So with a few other brothers he hurried forth again on horseback to meet them. It is thought that he sighted the emigrant train somewhere in Wyoming. Grandmother still continued to live with the Henry Rollins family and to take care of the little Alexanders until her marriage to Horace.

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  1. Sarah Houston was not married to Culbert King. Culbert King was mared to Sarah's daughter Sarah Elizabeth Pratt. This is a common error.