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Dietrich Horning 1731-1793 Maria Kraus 1731

Background on the Horning family

The following paragraph is quoted from page 645 of the book "Mohawk Valley – Gateway to the west" Vol IV published in 1925:

"The Horning family was of Holland Dutch descent and tradition has it that there were originally 4 Horning brothers all of whom landed in this country from Holland on Oct 4 1732. One of the brothers settled in Perm, another in Kentucky, a third in Lewis County of New York, and the 4th in Tryon County of New York.

Certain it is that one of these brothers, Dedrick Horning, came over from Holland and settled on a farm several miles southwest of Canajoharie and Ft Plain in what was then Tryon County. Little is known of Dedricks early life, save that he had 5 sons, Dedrick Jr, Adam, John, Lanert, and George who were residing with and helping their father when the war of revolution broke out.

That there was no wavering between sides is shown in the fact that all 5 sons enlisted in the same regiment the service of their country. Due to their living in the Canajoharie district, as mapped out by Sir William Johnson, they were assigned to the 1st regiment, Tryon County militia which was under the command of Colonel Cox and Colonel Campbell.

Their greatest service to their country was rendered in the then little thought of but now famous battle of Oriskany in which they and their regiment fought so valiantly, and in which, unlike many of their comrades, their lives were spared.

Dietrich Horning
Born 15 Mar 1731 New York
Parents: Nicholas Horning and Anna Maria (no surname)
Married Maria Margaretta Kraus abt 1750
Died aft May 1793 (Will made 22 May 1793 and probated 19 Apr 1827)
Sources JOST
Maria Margaretta Kraus
Born 15 Sep 1731 New York
Parents: Jacob Kraus and Catherine Elizabeth Nellis
Sources JOST

CHILDRENDederick Horning Jr
Born 1751 New York
Married 1) Catherine Walwrath abt 1776
2) Maria Meriness 18 Feb 1789
Military: Pvt 1st Bn Canajoharie district 1778
Ancestral File JOST
Adam Horning
Born 1753 New York
Married Dorothy Van Alstyne by 1780
Children: Adam, Abraham, George, Marie, Margaret, Nicholas, Richard
Ancestral File JOSTJohn Horning
Born 1757 New York
Ancestral File JOSTMary Elizabeth Horning
Born 1758 New York
Married Adam Flint 1834
Ancestral File JOST
Jacob Horning
Born 1760 New York
Married Margaret Mariness 28 Jun 1789 Minden, Montgomery, New York
Ancestral File JOST
*Mary Margaret Horning
Born 1762 New York
Married Robert Flint 6 Feb 1787
Children: Joseph, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, Robert, Margaret, Susanna, Susannah, Nicholas, Catherine, Sally
SourcesAncestral File JOST
Robert Horning
Born 1764 Cobleskill, Schoharie, New York
Married Elizabeth Hiller
SourcesAncestral File JOSTGeorge Horning
Born 18 Oct 1765 Bowman's Creek, Minden, Montgomery, New York
Married Uriah (Maria) Meriness
Died 1843
SourcesAncestral File JOST
Catherine Horning
Born 1767 New York
Married John Countryman
Died 11 Jul 1844
SourcesAncestral File JOST
Anna Marie Horning
Born 1769 New York
Married Francis Dunkell
SourcesAncestral File JOSTMaria Horning
Born 1771 New York
Married John Hiller 22 Nov 1791
SourcesAncestral File JOSTWilliam Horning
Born abt 1763 New York
Note: There was no birth year on the memorial so I adjusted it from 1773 to 1763 - reasonable when you consider his marriage to Magdalena
Married 1) Magdalena Wieting 1783
2)Dorothy (Dolly) Elizabeth Lehman
Note: I'm not sure which wife was first
Died: 15 May 1859 New York
Buried: Alabama Cemetery, Alabama, Genessee, New York

Note: the large stone said "Family Burial..." so there is a chance the older stones were broken and one monument was erected on the spot to symbolize the rest. I couldn't read the rest of the engraving on the stone.
SourcesAncestral File
Pictures of the monuments: JOST

Lambert Horning
Born 1775 New York
Military: Private 1st Bn
Note: If he was supposed to be in the Revolutionary War, his birthdate is too late. Perhaps, like William, the date was off by ten or more years and it should be 1765 - which would still make him too young to fight in the Revolution.
Sources JOST

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