Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Robert Lathe 1735 Eunice Parker 1737

Robert Lathe
Born 19 May 1717 Woburn, Worcester, Massachusetts
Parents: Francis Lathe and Sarah Floyd
Married Eunice Parker 10 Oct 1738
Died 26 May 1774 Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Ancestral File

Eunice Parker
Born 9 Dec 1712 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Parents: Samuel Parker and Hannah Felch
Ancestral File
Birth: IGI Film 0873745 IT 2 Batch C501261 dated 1850

CHILDREN (I only found one)

Asa Lathe
Born 14 Nov 1761 Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Married Priscilla Rawson 6 Sep 1786 Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Children: Sarah
Marriage: IGI Film 0873747 IT 4 Batch M500831 dated 1850
Ancestral File

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