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Edward Bangs 1591-1677 Rebecca Hobart 1611-1679

Edward Bangs
Christened 28 Oct 1591 Panfield, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents John Bangs and Jane Charis
Occupation: Shipwright
Married 1) Rebecca (unknown surname)
Note: In the book "Legends, Loves & Loyalties in old New England" by Caroline Leonard
Goodenough, it is mentioned that Rebecca probably died soon after arriving in
America, leaving the two first children (Rebecca and Sarah) listed below motherless.

2) Lydia Hicks abt 1633
3) Rebecca Hobart abt 1635
Died: Feb 1677 Massachusetts
Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines, B 12 F 12 Vol 2 p.60-67
Col. Fam. of America, Am 190 v.8.p.138,139
Americana, Am Pub F vol.26, p.545
Mayflower Descendants - Am Pub A v. 14 p.197, v.17, p.70

Rebecca Hobart
Christened 29 Dec 1611
Parents Edmund Hobart and Margaret Dewey
Died 1679
Ancestral File


Born 1636 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Captain Jonathan Sparrow 26 Oct 1654
Died Before 19 Oct 1677
IGI Film 0778357 Batch C502465 dated 1628-1858
Ancestral File
Born abt 1638 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Captain Thomas Howes Jr
Died Feb 1682
Ancestral File
Captain Jonathan
Born 1640
Married Mary Mayo Jul 1664 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Marriage: IGI Film 0907350 Batch M502462 dated 1637-1885
Ancestral File
Born 1643 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Benjamin Higgins 24 Nov 1661 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Christening: IGI Film 0778357 Batch C502465 dated 1628-1858
Marriage: IGI Film 0778357, 0905406 Batch M502465 dated 1654-1796
Born 1645 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married John Deane Jr 30 Apr 1662
Ancestral File
Lieutenant Joshua
Born abt 1647 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Hannah Scudder 1 Dec 1669
Died 14 Jan 1709
Ancestral File
Born 28 May 1650 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Reverend Gershom Hall
Died 15 Oct 1696
Ancestral File
Mercy (twin of Apphia)
Born 15 Oct 1651 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married Stephen Merrick 28 Dec 1670
Ancestral File
Apphia (twin of Mercy)
Born 15 Oct 1651 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Married 1) John Knowles (who died in King Phillips war)
2) Joseph Atwood 1667
Died 1722
Ancestral File

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