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George Telford abt 1759 Jane Dodds abt 1761

George Telford
Born: abt 1759 Armagh, Ulster, Ireland
Immigrated to U.S. abt 1811 with his sons James and William to secure work in Pennsylvania
Married: Jane Dodds 1780 Ireland
Died: abt 1811 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Note:  died of Mountain Fever   
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Jane Dodds
Born: abt 1761 Armagh, Ulster, Ireland
Died: 1811 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Note: Jane died while taking care of James and William during their father's illness.  This means the two boys, James (age 17) and William (age 15), were alone in America.  John, their little brother, did not leave for Canada until 1830.  The question is, what happened to this family?  Did James and William return to Ireland?  Who did John, the youngest, live with and who apprenticed him to a weaver?  Did he live with an older sister?  Did James and William go to Canada and that is why John went there?  Did they stay in Pennsylvania? Lots of questions without answers, so far.


Ann Telford
Born 1781 Ireland
Married: ? White
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Mary Jane Telford 
Born 1783 Ireland
Married: Joseph Erwin abt 1803 in Ireland
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Judith Telford
Born: 1785 Ireland
Married: William Greenway
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James Telford
Born 1794 Ireland
1) Possibly became a naturalized citizen in 1840 in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.  I found a naturalization application for a James Telford in that year, but there was no birth date given and no way to identify him - so far.  It it is this James, then he waited a long time to become a citizen.

2) Possible marriage to Ann Eliza McDowell in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania and had a daughter, Emaline Telford who married a Bradley (I found Emma's death certificate, which names a James Telford as her father and her memorial on findagrave).  With all of this said, I still need to find more information.  Emma wasn't born until 1849 which would make James close to 60 years old - so it is possible, but unlikely.  OR James could be her grandfather.  OR not related at all...
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William Telford
Born 1796 Ireland
Married: no spouse found
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*John Telford 
Born 2 March 1802 Armagh county, Ireland
Note:  orphaned at age 9
Occupation:  When orphaned, he was apprenticed to a weaver at age 9
1830:  left Belfast, Ireland for Quebec, Canada with Jane and 3 children
After 8 years in Canada, he joined the LDS church
Member of the School of the Prophets
Utah Pioneer 1851 Harry Walton Company
Married: 1) Jane Telford (his cousin) 13 Mar 1825 in Barrhead, Renfrew, Scotland
Children:  Robert, Anna, George, John, Eliza, Joseph, Emma
2) Elizabeth Robinson 13 Mar 1857
Died: 19 Jan 1896 (pnuemonia) Richmond, Cache, Utah
Buried Richmond Cemetery 22 Jan 1896, Richmond, Cache, Utah
Personal History:  History of John Telford by Effie Lenore Wiser
Picture and some personal history:
Eliza Telford
Born 1804
Died 1819 in Ireland
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