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William East 1756-1840 Mary Peters 1764

William East
Christened 6 Nov 1756 in Bassingborn, Cambridge, England
Parents: Thomas East and Susannah Ratford
Married: Mary Peters 20 Mar 1790 Meldreth, Cambridge, England
Note: a possible second marriage in 1820 to Elizabeth Pearce
Died 27 Oct 1840 England
Christening:  IGI Film 0990376 Batch C109771 Dated 1558-1851
Mary Peters
Christened 24 Jun 1764 in Meldreth, Cambridge, England
Parents: Brandson Peters and Susan East
Note:  perhaps her father's name is misspelled? 
Ancestral File


*William East
Christened: 26 May 1793 in Whaddon, Cambridge, England
Married: Ann Easy 26 Oct 1814 in Whaddon, Cambridge, England
Children: Mary, Thomas, Sarah, Ann, Lidia, Jane, Hannah, George, Ruth, Emma, Jabez
Christening: IGI film 0990297 Batch C073451 Dated 1599-1851
Marriage: IGI Film 0990297 Batch M073451 Dated 1599-1851

Chamberlain East
Christened 3 Oct 1797 Whaddon, Cambridge, England
Note: I never found a marriage for him and I think I would have because of his unique name. However, I haven't found a death record either.  Maybe he went by a nickname? 

Christening:  IGI film 0990297 Batch C073451 Dated 1599-1851

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