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Thomas Eagles 1775-1836 Ann Sparkes 1783-1855

Thomas Eagles
Christened 22 Oct 1775 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Married Ann Sparkes 9 Sep 1804 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England (by license; witnesses were James and Nancy Turner)
Buried 19 Dec 1836 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Christening: IGI Film 6903381 Batch C047621 dated 1564-1842
Marriage: IGI Film 0425393 Batch M027841 dated 1784-1812
Ancestral File
Ann Sparkes
Christened 2 Sep 1783 Corse, Gloucester, England
Parents:  Thomas Sparks and Ann Gurney
Buried 12 Jan 1855 England
Ancestral File


George Eagles
Born 6 Jul 1805 Apperly Gloucester, England
Christened 28 Jul 1805 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Occupation: Bricklayer
Married Mary Davis 20 Jun 1827 Gloucester, Gloucester, England
Children:  George, Thomas, Elias, Edith
Died after 1881
Christening: IGI Film 0425393 Batch C027841 dated 1780- 1812 also England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
1841 Census for Deerhurst, Gloucester, England (age 35)
1851 Census for Apperly, Gloucester, England lists the following:
EAGLES George 45 Bricklayer Deerhurst
Mary 45 Hartpury
George 21 Ag Lab Deerhurst
Thomas 13 Bricklayer Labourer Deerhurst
Elias 11 Deerhurst
Edith 14 Deerhurst
Marriage: England Marriages 1538-1973 Batch I02955-8 Film 991285 p 81
1861 British Census for Deerhurst, England (56y old)
Note: Confirms birthplace as Apperly 
1881 British Census for Deerhurst, England Film 1341622 page 4
Note:  he is listed as a 76y old widower and his 50y old single son George is living with him
Ancestral File
William Eagles
Christened 26 Apr 1807 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Death 16 Apr 1808 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Christening and death: IGI Film 0425393 Batch C027841 dated 1780- 1812
Ancestral File
Editha Eagles
Born 14 Dec 1808 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened 12 Feb 1809 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Note: her given name is Editha on the record
Married: William Odey can't find a record of this marriage yet
Died 1833
Christening: IGI Film 0425393 Batch C027841 dated 1780- 1812
Ancestral File
William Eagles
Born 26 Mar 1811 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened 2 Jun 1811 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Died 1873 Birmingham, England
Married Elizabeth Limerick 10 Apr 1834 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Note: did not find William or his marriage, though there was an Elizabeth Limrick in London
Children:  William, Samuel, Henry, Eliza
1841 Census for Deerhurst Gloucester, England (age 30)
Ancestral File
Ann Eagles
Born 2 Jul 1813 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened 25 Jul 1813 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Married (1) Edwin South 5 Aug 1833 Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
I never found a marriage to Edwin
(2) Samuel Roberts 23 Jan 1841 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Children: Ann, Charles, Henry, John, Frederic,Emma, Edith, Clara
Died 1 Mar 1909 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christening: IGI Film 0991281 Batch C027844 dated 1729- 1875
Marriage to Samuel: IGI Film 0991281 Batch M027844 dated 1729-1885
1881 Census for Deerhurst, Gloucester, England lists the following
 Name: Ann Roberts
Age: 60
Gender: Female
Birth Year: 1821 (this is off by 7 years)
Birthplace: Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Marital Condition: Married
Address: Deerhurst Village
Census Place: Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Record Type: Household
Family History Library Film: 1341622
The National Archives Reference: RG11
Piece/Folio: 2579 / 90
Page Number: 14
Household Gender Age
Spouse Samuel Roberts M 68
Ann Roberts F 60
Child Fredrick Roberts M 27
Elizabeth Eagles
Born 7 Jun 1815 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened 25 Jun 1815 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Married James Brown abt 1842  I haven't been able to find this marriage
Possible Children: James William, James, George, Elizabeth, Emily, Elizabeth, Robert, Jane, Eliza, Henry
Died 1868 Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
Buried Priestbury, Gloucester, England
Christening: IGI Film 0991281 Batch C027844 dated 1729- 1875
1881 England and Wales Census for Bristol, Gloucester, England (I am still not sure this is really her)
Note:  the address was 7 Albion Street, Elizabeth was age 60, Six of their children were still at home but I there is discrepancy about the youngest children's ages and my records.  However, they may simply have not paid much attention to the age.
Ancestral File
Hannah Maria <i>Eagles</i> Harris*Hannah Maria Eagles
Born 10 Jun 1817 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened 17 Aug 1817 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Married Robert Harris 18 Mar 1835 St. Mary de Lodes Church, Gloucester, Gloucester, England
Note: Her name is Maria in the record
Died 29 Sep 1888 Portage, Box Elder, Utah
Buried Kaysville Cemetery, Davis, Utah Plot: 11-4-A-22
Christening: IGI Film 0991281 Batch C027844 dated 1729- 1875
Marriage:  England Marriages 1538-1973 Batch I03829-8 Film 855621 v5 p 196
Ancestral File
Mary Eagles
Born 12 Sep 1819 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Died 18 Sep 1827
Note: did not find Mary among the online Parish records
Ancestral File
Elias Eagles
Born 11 Feb 1822 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Married Mary Crook 23 Feb 1844 England
Children: Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Joseph, Josephine
Life note: did not find this Elias or his marriage among the online Parish records.  However, I found the following info:  Elias and Mary lived in Nauvoo (Kimball 1ST: Block 3, Lot 1, 1/8 acre), Illinois and had one child there.  They moved to Iowa and had three more children.  This much is verifiable.
It gets wishy-washy after that.  One history claims that when the Nauvoo Saints were forced to leave Illinois, she went on ahead to Winter Quarters, Nebraska where she waited for Elias to join her and he never came - abandoning her.
Fact:  he could not have abandoned her in Winter Quarters because their other 3 children were born in Iowa, so he had to have stayed with her at least until 1850 when their last child was born.  It has even been suggested that he joined the Union army to save enough money to join Mary and the children.   With that said, it is also a fact that she traveled to Utah with the 2 children in 1852 and married Robert Knell in 1855 - years before Elias died in battle, which suggests they were divorced or just parted ways. 
Death 6 Apr 1862 Battle of Shiloh, Pittsburgh Landing, Bradford, Tennessee
Possible:  His death was supposedly recorded in a journal kept by a fellow soldier Jessie Jay who was a POW for 3 months (The online version claims he wrote: "...Our Company’s loss, Co. I, in killed known to us is Samuel D. Lockman of Davis Co.; Iowa and Elias Eagles of Mt. Pleasant...). This much gives us a bit more information:  he was "of Mt. Pleasant" so he may have remarried...needs more research.
Buried:  David Combe posted that you could look him up on the National Shiloh Cemetery list, but he wasn't there when I searched for him. 
Members, LDS, 1830-1848, by Susan Easton Black, Vol 14, p 913
Early Mormon Records, p 52
Nauvoo Data base: 1842 Census, Tax Assessors Record
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Vol 2, p 1685 -- Mary Crook Eagles Knell
Picture of Mary:
Online for Jesse Jay's diary that tells of Elias's death: 
Online info with this and more family groups named:
More Information about Elias:
Ancestral File
Jane Eagles
Born 14 Mar 1824 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened 18 Apr 1824 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Died after the 1881 Census
Married Henry Crook 24 Feb 1842 St. Mary de Lodes Church, Gloucester, Gloucester, England
Children: Jane, Laura (Louisa), Eliza, Sabina, Rufus, Henry, Charles, Catherine
Christening: IGI Film 0991281 Batch C027844 dated 1729- 1875
Marriage: Marriage: England Marriages 1538-1973 Batch I03829-8 Film 855621 v7 p 239
1851 Census for Apperly, Gloucester, England lists the following:
CROOK Henry 32 Farmer 15 ac Deerhurst
Jane 27 Deerhurst
Jane 8 Deerhurst
Louisa 6 Deerhurst
Eliza 3 Deerhurst
Sabina 1m Deerhurst
BARNES Harriet Servant 19 Highnam
1881 Census for St George, Gloucester, England page 5 reports Jane is age 63, a widow, a laundress and living at 18 Moorfields Bldgs in Gloucester.  It claims she was born in Great Gardens Tempel
Ancestral File
Thomas Eagles
Born 8 Oct 1826 Apperly, Gloucester, England
Christened Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
Died as a child?
Ancestral File


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  2. Hannah Maria Eagles is my grandmother three times removed. We visited Deerhurst a few years ago and loved seeing the Church and looking at the old graves. We went into the Church and a local resident was preparing the flowers for Sunday...I mentioned to her that I am a descendent of Thomas Eagles and she told me that the congregation was very grateful to a Mrs. Eagles who had donated a large amount of money towards the Church organ. I thought that was rather cool! Loved this little village.
    Ginny...I live in Tacoma, WA...