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William Lauder Payne 1816-1892 Catherine Nichols 1821-1906

William Lauder Payne
William Lauder Payne
Born 4 Jan 1816 Haughton, Shropshire, England
Note:  not to be confused with Houghton, Cambridgeshire
Christened 19 Jan 1816 West Felton, Shrop, England
Occupation: (1860) Farmer
Married (he was a polygamist)
(1) Catherine Nichols 7 Jun 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Note:  The life sketch claims the Prophet Joseph Smith married them, but according to the Nauvoo Temple register, Lorenzo Snow officiated at the sealing. 
(2) Margaret Wilson 26 Jun 1853
William Lauder Payne
Immigration to America aboard Ship Swanton 1843 (sailed from Liverpool)
Emigration to Utah 1850 - traveling with an unidentified company
Death 22 Dec 1892 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Burial 26 Dec 1892 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Wm R Payne, passed peacefully away after an illness of about a week. Mr Payne came from England to this country in 1848, and, since 1850, he has been a resident of Kaysville and vicinity. He was widely known, and very much respected.
Funeral services were held this morning at the Tabernacle in which quite a number of speakers expressed the good will they felt for Brother Payne..

An abridged Life Sketch written by Joseph Richard Payne in 1935 My notes/corrections are in red.
William worked hard as a youth to help provide for his 11 siblings. 
He chose to be a landscape gardener
In England, he attended a number of the meetings that were held by the missionaries and he accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ, acquiring a great desire to immigrate to America where he could associate with other LDS members.  He worked a few years of hard labor to save enough to come to America.  he set sail on the ship Swanton on 10 Apr 1843.  

He became seasick and was alone, so weak it was all he could do to put his head over the railing of his berth to throw up.  During this time, among the helpful hands that assisted those who were ill was a young girl that also happened to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She kept a watchful eye on him.  He discovered other converts on board and joined them.  They reached New Orleans, then caught a boat that was headed up the Mississippi to get to Nauvoo.  Note:  this is very different from the story below that is told from her point of view - where she was the one that was sick and upset with him because he was singing and happy.
William Lauder Payne and Catherine Nichols
During that boat trip he fell in love with the young girl who had been on the Swanton.  The Prophet Joseph Smith married them.  Note:  it must have been a civil ceremony because, according to Temple Registers, it was Lorenzo Snow that sealed them. 

He bought a farm but this was during the time of persecution and William Payne became a bodyguard to the Prophet. Note:  I have not been able to verify whether this is true.  I would welcome any sourced input.

William and his family, after the martyrdom of the Prophet, left Nauvoo in 1846 and went to Council Bluffs where he stopped for a few years, made another home with the idea of continuing to Salt Lake in the future. Note:  There is a story that he was one of those who helped bury the body of the prophet and his brother, Hyrum.  I would like a source for this, but it is likely family legend.

They left on 5 Jul 1849 under the leadership of Redrik Allred.  Note:  His name was Redick  Newton Allred and it was not his company.  It was Allen Taylor's and William was not in this company.  I checked online to verify and he is not listed, not is anyone else with the surname Payne.  

They used Ox-teams, a very slow journey and food became scarce.  They gathered roots, boiled raw hides, and ate buffalo.  Indians gave them grief.  They arrived in Salt Lake 13 Oct 1849. 
Obituary for William Payne
When winter set in, food supply for their stock became critical; so William, along with Henry Wooley and William B. Smith, were instructed to scout north along the shore of the lake and see if they could locate a place where they could winter the oxen.  They reached what is now Kaysville and there they found acres of tall grass, many willow patches which would provide shelter for their stock through the winter.  They returned to Salt Lake and spent the winter making preparations with whatever they could to return to Kaysville in spring.  There were few implements to be hand, since everything had to come from across the plains by ox-teams. 
In the spring of 1850, they gathered up the ox, the few horses they had and with the crude implements, began to till the soil.  Their farms were laid out in strips of 31 rods wide by varying lengths.  They knew they would have to irrigate in order to mature their crops so they had to dig ditches and canals.  They obtained logs from the nearby canyons to build their homes.
Things were difficult, but not impossible for the first years - then the crickets came; darkening the day with their large masses.  The gulls came in large numbers and helped destroy the pests.
For many years after, through hard work, William was able to clear willow, make roads, and help build a beautiful little country town which was named Kaysward.  In 1865, he had enough means to accept a call as a missionary to England and spent 2 years serving.
After his mission, his sons William, George, and Levi, took charge of the farm and William built a new home in Kaysward 3 miles from the farm.  He traveled back and forth to help with the farm.  As he got older, he became a beekeeper and took care of them for the rest of his life.
Early LDS church members
Online:  On Mormon Overland Pioneer Trail is listed the following: "Elder William L. Payne", Deseret Evening News, 22 Dec. 1892, 5.
Marriages in the Nauvoo Region 1839-1845, Susan Easton Black, 1981
Headstone, Pic, Obit:
1850 US Census for Utah Territory, Davis County, Utah (age 34)
1860 US Census for Davis, Utah page 60 (age 45)
1870 US Census for Utah (age 53)
Note: Surname spelled Pane and there is a George N Pane listed as living with them
1880 US Census for Kaysville Utah p 311C (age 64)
Note:  1880 Census claims his mother's birthplace is Scotland
Obituary: Davis County Clipper 29 December 1892, Page 2

Catherine Nichols
Catherine Nichols
Parents: James Nichols and Sarah Barringham
Note:  The death certificate claims different parents:  William Nichols and Sarah Chesher.  The informant was Mary Ann, her daughter.Note:  On different sources, she is listed as Catherine Louisa, Catherine Neckles, and Catherine Nicholas
Catherine <i>Nichols</i> Payne
Headstone for Catherine Nichols Payne
Born 4 Dec 1824 Wyboston, Bedford, England
Christened 2 Oct 1825 Eaton Socon, Bedford, England
Immigration to America aboard Ship Swanton 1843
Life Notes
Catherine was the last of six children.  Her father died three weeks after she was born.  When she was 17 her mother died, leaving her a small fortune.  When she was 18, she sewed gold coins in her corset and set sail for America, on the ship Swanton from Liverpool, June 16, 1843.  Catherine was a lace maker by trade.
Catherine was very seasick and spent most of the time in her cabin.  Although she never met William she wanted to put a hot potato in his mouth, because she could hear him up on deck singing and being happy.  Note:  his above story was written in 1939 - nearly 50 years after William and Catherine were gone and  was very different and contradicts hers.  They landed in New Orleans.  After her marriage to William, her money bought a 20 acre farm and built a home.  Lorenzo Snow was with the group that she traveled with.  (This would also make sense when Lorenzo later sealed them in the Temple).  When they reached Nauvoo, the Prophet Joseph Smith met the boat and shook hands with her and blessed her.  Two daughters were born to them in Nauvoo, Sarah Jane and Emma.
 In 1846, they left Nauvoo with the rest of the Saints.  Little Emma died on the way and was buried at Winter Quarters.  The family stayed in Council Bluffs, Iowa for three years, where another daughter, Mary Ann, was born.
They continued their journey west on July 5, 1849.  Note:  not so sure this date is true.  One thing is for sure.  It was not in Redick Allred's company because he never had a company.  Along the way, Catherine and Sarah Jane contracted small pox.  She promised the Captain of the company, who wanted them to turn back, that they would stay behind the others and that no one would catch the small pox from them.  No one else got sick.  William walked back each night with food.  Both recovered.  They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on October 13, 1849.  In the Spring of 1850 they settled in Kaysville.

Catherine worked in the Presidency of Relief Society as a district teacher.  She was always visiting the sick and afflicted and giving comfort to those in sorrow.  She did work in the Logan and Salt Lake Temples for her kindred dead.  She was the mother of eleven children, ten of whom grew to adulthood
Obituary for Catherine Nichols Pay.
Death 10 Jun 1906 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
C.O.D. Senile Degeneration
Burial 13 Jun 1906 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah
1850 US Census for Utah Territory, Davis County, Utah  (age 26)
1860 US Census for Davis, Utah page 60 (age 35)
1870 US Census for Utah (age 45)
1880 US Census for Kaysville Utah p 311C (age 54)
1900 US Census for Kaysville Utah p 9B (widowed)
Utah Death Certificate

CHILDREN (with Catherine)

Sarah Jane Payne
Sarah Jane <i>Payne</i> LaytonBirth 22 Nov 1844 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Marriage Abraham Layton 5 Jul 1862 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children:  William, John, Sarah, James, Mary, Orson, Louder, Elizabeth, Nettie
Death 15 Nov 1892 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Burial 18 Nov 1892 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Plot 21-3-A-14
1850 US Census for Utah Territory, Davis County, Utah (age 6)
1870 US Census for Utah (age 24)
Note: Census claims husbands name is Austin, but the original document only had the initial A, not a full name.  Abram, John, and Sarah were the children listed.

Emma Payne
Birth 24 Aug 1846 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Death 18 Sep 1846 Iowa
Ancestral File
*Mary Ann Nichols Payne
Birth 10 Sep 1848 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Emigration to Utah 1850 with parents and sister Sarah
Marriage Thomas Eagles Harris 14 Jan 1866 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children: Mary Ann , Thomas , Robert , Catherine Priscilla, Joseph, Laura, Orson, Willard, Corilla, Verna, Nettie 
Death 13 Jun 1911 Layton, Davis, Utah
COD:  Stomach cancer
Burial 15 Jun 1911 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah Plot 11-4-A-28
Brief Life Sketch  Written by Mrs. Laura Craig, July 11, 1944
Mary Ann <i>Payne</i> HarrisMary Ann Payne Harris was the daughter of William L. Payne and Catherine Nichols. Both her father and mother were converts to the church and met on the old ship Swanton, April 10, 1843, while immigrating from England to the United States of America. After the company arrived in Nauvoo and were walking along the banks of the Mississippi River William L. Payne came to Catherine Nichols and asked if he may walk by her side. It was love that attracted this splendid young man to this beautiful and talented young girl, who was an expert lace maker. In June 1843 she became his wife and they were married by the Prophet Joseph Smith. On numerous occasions grandfather Payne was one of the Prophets bodyguards, and grandmother worked in the Prophets home. True to their industrious nature they tried to make a new home but they were persecuted and rivaled until the saints were finally driven here to the valleys of the Rocky Mountains in the fall of 1849. Grandfather and grandmother Payne were the parents of 3 children at this time. My mother Mary Ann Payne was born 10 Sept 1848, a babe in arms and was carried across the plains. The saints were taken into the homes of the earlier pioneers until the spring of 1850, when grandfather moved with his family north to what used to be called Kays-Ward and took up about 30 acres of land south west of Kays-Ward. Here they made their home and reared 10 children. One baby died before the saints were driven west. May Ann had grown into a beautiful young women and had inherited many of the talents of her mother. By candlelight she spun and wove many yards of fine materials, always spinning and weaving cloth to clothe the family with. She being one of the older of the children, she had to help her father in planting and harvesting of the crops. During this time she met and fell in love with Thomas E. Harris and they were married Jan 14, 1866 by Wilford Woodruff in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. Mary Ann spun and wove the material and made the suit by hand that father wore when they were married. If I am correct their first home as near the old Wyneal Hill Pond. It was a small two-roomed house with dirt roof and dirt floors. Here their first 4 children were born. When the first baby was born, father laid enough boards down for mother’s bed to stand on. There was a severe rainstorm that came up and grandfather set up all night and kept pans on the bed to catch the rain water that was leaking through the roof. Later they moved to a new location just east of the James Smith home on the north side of the road just before you cross the Bamberger track on the road to the Kaysville-Layton cemetery, and they made their home. Four more children were born to them here. Around 1882 they bought and moved to the Galvin Miles home of which part of it still stands. There they spent the remaining years of their lives. There 3 more children were born to this union. They raised their family to honorable men and women, who will always call them blessed, for the wonderful privileges they are receiving through the gospel plan.\ She was an ardent church worker and encouraged her family to never fail the teachings of the gospel. She was a Relief Society teacher with sister Catherine Nalder until her health failed and she was unable to carry on any longer. Mother being frail most of her life spent many hours with her sewing, making clothes for her family of boys and girls, that they may be well dressed. She was the mother of 11 children, 6 boys and 5 girls all of which grew to men and womanhood and had large families of their own.
1850 US Census for Utah Territory, Davis County, Utah (age 2)
1860 US Census for Davis County, Utah page 60 (age 12)
1870 US Census for Malad, Oneida, Idaho (age 22)
1900 US Census page 7B for Kaysville, Davis, Utah
1910 US Census page 9 (age 61)
Life sketch:
Utah Death Certificate
Picture of headstone:
Susan Payne
Born May 1850
Died Pre-1860
1850 US Census for Utah Territory, Davis County, Utah (age one month)
Note:  I previously listed Susan as Lizzie (thank you Tom Waldron for setting the record straight).  I remembered now why I listed her as Lizzie - it was because of the 1860 Census which listed Lizzie as 10 which reverted her birth date to 1850 in my mind and I made assumptions.  The 1850 census was taken in June 1850 - before Lizzie was ever born.

Obituary for Elizabeth
Elizabeth Barnes <i>Payne</i> DeShazo
Headstone for Elizabeth Barnes Payne DeShazo
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Barnes Payne
Birth 26 Mar 1851 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Marriage (1) John Rivers Deshazo 7 May 1868 Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children: John, Anne, Mary, Orson, Albert, Richard, Janet, Eva
(2) Samuel Thomas Winegar 9 Jun 1893 Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children:  Iva, Frank, Alvin
Death 15 Dec 1908 South Bountiful, Davis, Utah
COD: Lobar Pneumonia
Informant: George Layton (possibly a nephew)
Burial 18 Dec 1908 Kaysville, Davis, Utah Plot 3-50-B-6
Obituary above - in case you can't read it.
Mrs Thomas Winegar passed away at her hone in South Bountiful, Tuesday afternoon.
Rheumatism was the cause of her demise. She was sick several years. Deceased only lacked a few month of being fifty-eight years old.
She was the mother of nine children (11 not 9) three of whom together with her husband survive her.
For many years she lived in Kaysville where the funeral will be held at noon today.

1860 US Census for Davis County, Utah page 60 (age 10)
1870 US Census for Davis County, Utah page 60 (age 19)
1880 US Census for Kaysville, Davis, Utah page 315C (age 28)
Note:  Spouse is John Deshazo in this census
1900 US Census for Davis County Utah page 5A
Note:  Her spouse is listed as Thomas D Winegar in this Census
Utah Death Certificate
Mary Elizabeth Warren and William Richard Payne
William Richard Payne
Birth 12 Apr 1853 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Occupation: Farmer
Marriage (1) Mary Elizabeth Warren 15 May 1868 Salt Lake City, Salt
Lake, Utah (died in childbirth)
Children:  William, Orson, Joseph, James, unnamed baby girl
(2) Martha Jane Winegar Bailey 15 Jun 1892 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah (she already had one little girl - Mary)
William Richard PayneChildren: Lauder, Martha, Bertha
Death 29 Apr 1910 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
COD: Stomach Cancer
Burial 3 May 1910 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Plot: 3-44-B-5
1870 US Census for Utah (age 17)
1880 US Census for Kaysville, Davis, Utah page 310B
1900 US Census for Kaysville, Davis, Utah page 4A
Marriage to Martha: Western States Marriage Index Volume 1 page 106
Utah Death Certificate
Family Search
Picture of headstone:

James Levi Payne
Birth 7 Sep 1855 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
James Levi PayneOccupation: Farmer
Married (1) Martha Ann Colmere 6 Dec 1875 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children:  Martha, Anna
(2) Ida Matilda Fernilius 20 Dec 1893 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Children: Myrtle, Leander, Ike, Charles, Hyrum, Newel, Erma, Vernon, Una, Cecil
Death 21 Dec 1933 Trenton, Cache, Utah
C.O.D. Angina Pectoris (heart trouble)
Burial 23 Dec 1933 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah Plot 17-2-A-20
1870 US Census for Utah (age 14)
1880 US Census for Davis, Utah (age 24)
Note:  Martha and two children are in this one
1900 US Census for Newton, Cache, Utah
Note:  His middle initial extracted as 'S' in this one. Ida and 4 children are with him
1910 US Census for Trenton, Cache, Utah page 17 (listed as age 34, but should be 54)
1920 US Census for Cache county, Utah sheet 11 (age 64)
1930 US Census for Trenton, Cache, Utah seet 2B (Widowed, age 74)
Picture of headstone:
Orson Nichols Payne
Birth 14 Oct 1857 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Death 21 Jan 1877 San Diego, San Diego, California
Buried Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah Plot 16-2-A-48
1870 US Census Kaysville, Davis, Utah page 36 (age 13)
Note:  his middle initial extracted as W in census
Catherine Amelia Payne
Birth 2 Jul 1861 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Marriage Richard William Jardine 12 Dec 1878 Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Utah (may have been a polygamist)
Children: Catherine, Joseph, Evern, Lola, Lula, Jennie, Bessie, Richard
Death 22 Sep 1913 Garfield, Utah
COD: Stomach cancer
Informant on death certificate:  husband
Buried 1913 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Plot 2-50-B-6
Note:  The death certificate claims she was buried on arrival
1870 US Census for Utah (age 10)
1900 US Census for Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Utah Death Certificate (no date of burial on it)
Priscilla Margaret Payne
Birth 30 Jul 1862 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Marriage Willard Arthur Van Orden 26 Jan 1882
Children: Catherine, Willard, Myrtle, Leland, Verna, Golden, Otis, Newel, Orlow, Ervin, Melita
Death 21 Sep 1946 Cache Valley General Hospital, Logan, Cache, Utah
COD: Fractured hip
Informant on death certificate:  illegible
Burial 24 Sep 1946 Lewiston City Cemetery, Lewiston, Cache, Utah
1870 US Census for Utah (age 8)
Note:  Name is spelled Purcilla in record
1880 US Census for Kaysville, Utah page 311 C (age 17)
1900 US Census for Coveville, Utah
1910 US Census for Lewiston, Cache, Utah page 9 (age 47)
Note:  They have their oldest son, daughter-in-law and child living with them
1920 US Census for Cache county, Utah sheet 1 (age 57)
1930 US Census for Lewiston, Cache, Utah sheet 13A (age 67)
Utah Death Certificate
Picture of headstone:

Ester (Nettie) Louise Payne
Birth 2 Mar 1865 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Married (1) Walter Hedrick 24 Dec 1891 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
(2) William Purdie 31 Aug 1904 Utah
Death 14 Jun 1946 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
COD: Cardiac decomposition and gangrene of the leg
Burial 17 Jun 1946 Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Utah  Plot 2A-11-24-5E
1870 US Census for Utah (age 5)
Note:  name is spelled Esther in record
1880 US Census for Kaysville, Utah page 311 C (age 15)
1900 US Census for Ogden, Weber, Utah sheet 2A
Note:  Her husband Walter, their daughter, and herself are living with the John Smith household
1910 US Census for Ogden Ward 4,Weber, Utah page 1
Note:  She has remarried after the death of Walter.  However, this census claims the children are Leana, Dora, and Vera - all Purdie's however, in the next census, it claims Dera (not Vera) is her son with Walter Hedrick
1930 US Census for Ogden, Weber, Utah sheet 12A
Note:  her son Dera, his wife and daughter live with them
Marriage to Walter: Western States Marriage Index Volume 1 page 93
Utah Death Certificate
Joseph Henry Payne
Birth 22 Mar 1867 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Occupation:  Saloon Keeper (at time of death)
Marriage Mary Josephine Pattee 10 Oct 1889 Huntsville, Weber, Utah
Note:  They were married by David McKay, a minister of the Gospel.  Her name was given as Josephine Sprague in the record, which was her mother's maiden name.
Children: Cora, Earl, Beatrice
Death 24 Dec 1910 Ogden, Weber, Utah
COD: Carbolic Acid... taken with suicidal intention - dead when the doctor got to him 
Note: His wife was the informant.
Burial 26 Dec 1910 Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Utah  Plot 2A-11-24-5W
Note:  requested a pic of the headstone, but it was reported by a findagrave volunteer, who searched twice, there wasn't one in the plot specified.  Perhaps they couldn't afford it, or because he committed suicide.
1870 US Census for Utah (age 3)
1880 US Census for Kaysville, Utah page 311 C (age 13)
1900 US Census Ogden, Weber, Utah page 15B (age 33)
Utah Death Certificate
Western States Marriage Index
Utah Marriage Records Certificate #402

CHILDREN (with Margaret)

George Henry Payne
Birth 24 Sep 1854 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Married Harriet Anly Phillips 14 Jan 1877 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Children: Margaret, William, Henry, Joseph, Martha, John, George, Harriet, Catherine, Dora, Unnamed baby, Unnamed baby
Death 12 Jan 1939 Clearfield, Davis, Utah
Burial 15 Jan 1939 Syracuse, Davis, Utah
Baby Boy Payne
Birth 5 Oct 1862 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Death 6 Oct 1862 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Burial Kaysville City Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah


  1. Sarah Jane Payne daughter of William & Catharine Payne was blest on the 27th day of July 1845 by Robert Burton.

    Mound Branch record of members HC6:326; NRI

  2. Thank you I am a granddaughter of William Payne- This story was so wonderful to read! I appreciate the work you have done!