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Zachariah Harris II 1710 - 1741 Alice Carefield 1701-1782

Zachariah Harris (II)
Christened 4 Dec 1710 Owlpen, Gloucester, England
Note: did not find him in the online IGI Owlpen parish
Parents: Zachariah Harris and Elizabeth (no surname)
Occupation: Butcher
Married Alice Carefield 4 Jan 1730 England
Buried 9 Jun 1741 Quedgeley, Gloucester, England
Ancestral File
Alice Carefield
Christened 25 May 1701 Wheatenhurst, Gloucester, England
Note: her surname is given as Carfeild in the record.
Parents:  Robert Carefield and Margaret (no surname)
Buried 16 Jan 1782 Quedgeley, Gloucester, England
Christening: IGI Film 0427804 Batch C023061 dated 1571-1812
Ancestral File


*Zachariah Harris
Christened 27 May 1732 Standish, Gloucester, England
Occupation: Butcher
Supposedly married 5 times - I only found evidence of 4
(1) Sarah Griffith 17 Feb 1752 Quedgeley, Gloucester, England
Children: Alice, Mary
(2) Diana Matthews (widow) 4 Aug 1760 Churchdown, Gloucester, England
Note: His given name was extracted as Zechariah in the record. Hers was extracted as Dianah
(3) Mary Parkins 30 Sep 1772 Quedgeley, Gloucester England
(4) Martha Manning 13 Jan 1794 Elmore, Gloucester, England
(5) Mary Welch 22 Oct 1800 St Mary de Lode, Gloucester, Gloucester, England
Buried 22 Jun 1810 Quedgely, Gloucester, England
Christening: IGI Film 0477776 Batch C055081 dated 1569-1812
Marriage to Sarah: Gloucestershire Parish Marriage Register Vol 1 p 74 edited by William Phillimore Watts Phillimore, Thomas Matthews Blagg
Marriage to Diana : IGI Film 0417141 Batch M027461 dated 1596-1812
Marriage to Mary Parkins: IGI Film 0857050 Batch M036241 dated 1754-1836
Marriage to Mary Welch:  England Marriages Film 855620 v 2 p 27 Batch I03830-0 dated 1538-1973
Ancestral File:  Occupation
William Harris
Christened 31 Aug 1733 Hardwicke, Gloucester, England
Note:  His name is abbreviated Wm. and his father's name is listed as Zachary Harris in the record
Died 19 Nov 1733
Christening and death: IGI Film 0425428 Batch C028952 dated 1596-1760
Ancestral File
Alice Harris
Christened 13 Mar 1734 Quedgeley, Gloucester, England
Christening: England births and christenings film 857050 Batch C03624-2 Dated 1538-1975

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